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Philadelphia Arena

Philadelphia Arena Case Study

The Challenge

The automatic lighting controls at a popular sports arena in Philadelphia were nearing the end of their life cycle. Arena managers needed to retrofit the lighting controls while ensuring events and operations were not interrupted.

The Installation

Leviton and Diversified Lighting worked with arena managers to replace aging lighting controls with GreenMAX Relay Panels. Local field technicians were on-site to assist with the retrofit which reduced installation time and costs.

The Solution

Leviton installed GreenMAX Panels and upgraded the arena’s automatic  lighting controls.

  • GreenMAX Panels can be standalone or networked which enabled the project to be done in stages while the arena stayed operational
  • The project called for a fiber optic backbone to assure a strong network over long distances.
  • Leviton supplied the network transitions to go from fiber to Ethernet.
  • Network speed was a critical component for scene transitions for sporting events and concerts
  • System reliability was another key to Leviton being selected for this job 
  • Leviton also provided LumaGraphics, a separate Graphical User Interface (GUI) system for dedicated lighting control. 
  • LumaGraphics ensures ease-of-use and customer satisfaction.

GreenMAX Relay Panels

GreenMAX Relay Panels Centralized lighting control powerhouse featuring dimming, partial-ON, partial-OFF, demand response, and daylight harvesting capabilities. Native BACnet, Ethernet, and LumaCAN simplify configuration and BMS integration.

GreenMAX Relay modules are rated at 30A General Fluorescent Ballast at 20A Incandescent—which have a higher rating than the competition. Switching and dimming (0-10V) relays can be installed within the same cabinet to save space and cabinets.Cabinets and relays have a 25,000A short circuit current rating (SCCR) at 277VAC.

The GreenMAX Handheld Display Unit (HDU) allows arena managers to program different Behavior settings throughout the day including desire time and place, transition and overrides.

Commissioning and start-up functions are easier with the HDU. Programming can be done in the controlled space rather than from the electrical room. Users can schedule interior and exterior lights to turn ON and OFF using advanced scheduling based on hours of operation.

Designed for the contractor, specifier, and end-user, GreenMAX offers an intelligent choice for performance, reliability, flexibility, and energy savings of any relay control available. Easy-to-install. GreenMAX offers unlimited and flexible lighting configurations that are easy to monitor, manage and maintain while meeting energy code requirements.


LumaGraphics is an application-specific graphical user interface with pictorial views of lighting control systems and point-and-click centralized control for the monitoring of every device in a facility.

Leviton offers spec-ready lighting and control solutions for arena and entertainment venue applications for seamless installation and energy savings.