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Nashville Hilton

Leviton Occupancy Sensors are the Smart Choice for the Nashville Hilton Hotel.
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Leviton Occupancy Sensors are the Smart Choice for the Nashville Hilton Hotel 

The Hilton Nashville Downtown is the only all-suites, full-service hotel in the city's downtown district. Nestled in the heartland of country music, just steps away from the Country Music Hall of Fame, Ryman Auditorium and the Music City Center, the hotel offers world-class amenities and top-rated services. Seeking to create an even more inviting atmosphere for guests, hotel owner Turnberry Associates recently invested in a multi-million dollar project to modernize the hotel from the ground floor up. The extensive renovation was scheduled across two separate phases, each designed to deliver functional and aesthetic upgrades to enhance the guest experience.

A Standard of Excellence Down to the Last Detail

Phase 1 upgrades included renovations to the fitness center, ballroom and meeting rooms, the addition of an executive lounge and a complete overhaul of all 330 guest suites. The floor-by-floor redesign left no single detail to chance. Seemingly small details that add a sense of luxury were essential to the makeover. For instance, Hilton's full-service brand standard requires an automatic illumination source for closets in its guest suites. Typically, this can be achieved in two ways: The first is to use a plunger-style door jam switch; the second, a sensor to automate lighting.

Since the closet doors were bidirectionally sliding, the use of a passive infrared sensor activated by the movement of either door could be a perfect match for the application requirement. The hotel's electrical contractor researched product options, ordered and tested samples and selected Leviton's OSF10 Fixture Integrated Power Pack and Sensor Head, a perfect fit for the job.

Leviton Sensor is the Perfect Solution

The integrated transformer design and compact footprint of the Leviton OSF10 Fixture Integrated Power Pack and Sensor Head made it the smart choice for the hotel's automated lighting control needs. Engineered for installation inside a light fixture, the multi-component design of the sensor enabled it to easily mount outside the fixture, with the sensor head directly installing into the overhead closet door tracks. When either door is slid across the tracks of the door frame, the sensor detects the motion, turning the light on, and after a 30 second time-delay, shuts the light off.

Unlike a door jam switch, the Leviton OSF10 sensor automatically switches lighting off after a time-out interval that users can set between 30 seconds and 30 minutes. After the time-out interval, the sensor will switch the light off even when the closet door remains open. The sensor's compact size enabled it to fit snugly inside the tracks of the door frame with the power pack installed adjacent to the fixture's ballast, and all components neatly concealed from view.

The OSF10's compact design provided an unobtrusive look that conformed to the hotel's requirements. In addition, the device's integrated photocell detects natural light and prevents lights from turning on when there is adequate ambient lighting in a room or area.

A Touch of Elegance with an Added Bonus

The installation of Leviton's OSF10 Sensor at the hotel resulted in a functional upgrade that added the perfect blend of convenience and luxury. It also resulted in an added bonus beyond the project's intended objective: It ensures that closet lights can't be left on accidentally by guests or employees, helping the hotel conserve energy and costs.


  • Compact Power Pack: Fits inside ballast cavity to reduce the number of components mounted on ceilings or walls
  • Separate PIR Sensor Head: Low-voltage connection from Power Pack to Sensor Head is ideal for applications where Sensor is located outside fixture
  • Passive Infrared Technology (PIR): Industry-proven technology provides optimum motion detection
  • Fresnel Lens Technology: Specialized lens design creates field-of-view for detecting minor and major movement
  • H.I.S. (High Inrush Stability) Technology: Zero-crossing technology extends relay life; robust mechanical latching relay assures optimum performance and durability
  • Field-Configurable: No power requirements needed for setting time delay or light level, reducing labor and callbacks
  • Time Delay: Adjustable from 30 seconds to 30 minutes to meet a wide range of application needs
  • Ambient Light Override: Utilizes internal light sensor for measuring light level; when activated keeps lights OFF for increased energy savings
  • Ample Wire Leads: 36 inch-long wire leads reduce wiring time by eliminating the need to splice additional wire
  • Built-in LED: Red LED provides visual confirmation when motion is detected