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Leviton Lev-Lok Devices at Florida Airport

Lev-Lok receptacles at airport terminal

Effectively and Safely Powering Passengers in Florida Airport with Leviton Lev-Lok Devices

Each day, countless airline passengers rely on the availability of outlets by their departure gates to power up their smartphones, tablets, and laptops ahead of their flights. Depending on their devices, they may require a Type-A or Type-C USB, or a standard outlet.

Recently, a major international Florida airport wanted to modernize its terminal with Leviton Lev-Lok® modular wiring devices, a system that employs a simple twist and lock wiring connection three times faster than traditional wiring. Leviton’s offering replaced competitive solutions in the airport as the Lev-Lok Type-A and Type-C USB receptacles – the industry’s most powerful solution – were able to fit in the airport’s existing slim bollards with ease unlike similar modular receptacles on the market.

With over 1,200 outlets installed throughout the airport’s terminal, Leviton meets the various charging demands of different passengers. To ensure passengers’ and employees’ safety, the airport chose all tamper-resistant receptacles to provide an extra level of protection against electrical injury. Additionally, the sleek and modern appearance of the gray outlets was consistent with the occupying airline’s brand image and its vision for uniformity across its terminals. Rexel, a trusted distributor, offered timely support, recommending and delivering the Leviton solution to those modernizing the terminal.

The Lev-Lok device’s design allows for installers to effortlessly replace receptacles, minimizing overall downtime and maintenance costs as the outlets can be installed five times faster than traditional wiring. By future-proofing the facility now, the airport positions itself to seamlessly adapt to new advancements in wiring devices or charging requirements. The Florida airport’s forward-thinking approach ensures that it can continue to meet the evolving charging needs of passengers efficiently and cost-effectively.

Lev-Lok has not only improved the Florida airport’s power solutions, but also set a new benchmark for airport charging. Passengers at the Florida airport now enjoy an enhanced and safe charging experience, thanks to the functional and reliable power source provided by Lev-Lok devices. The combination of Leviton’s advanced technology, product durability, and ease of installation and maintenance has solidified its status as the preferred choice, ensuring the safety of passengers and the performance of their devices.