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Leviton and Sparkling Pointe Winery

Leviton and Sparkling Pointe Winery
Improving electrical safety in the processing area and enhancing overall operations

Beyond the beautiful rows of vineyards and alluring tasting area of Sparkling Pointe lies their industrial processing area, critical to their business to produce and bottle their wine. Spanning 40 acres of land, Sparkling Pointe Winery is located on the North Fork within Long Island’s American Viticultural Area. With the help of Leviton Manufacturing, another Long Island, New York based company, Sparkling Pointe was able to improve electrical safety in their processing area, enhancing overall operations.

Sparkling Pointe allows their customers to view every step of their wine-making process, including a tank room with 30,000 gallons for temperature controlled fermentations, a 3,000 bottle-perhour bottling line, a semi-automated disgorging line, and more.

Because the processing area is accessible to customers and is the heart of operations, it is essential it remain clean, safe, and efficient. To ensure these conditions, Sparkling Pointe conducts frequent washdowns, resulting in wet equipment and machinery.

Having watertight electrical connections is critical. Leviton introduced Sparkling Pointe to LEV Series Mechanical Interlocks, which incorporate a safety disconnect switch and an IEC receptacle in a non-metallic watertight enclosure. These devices are preferred because they allow for flexibility, as much of Sparkling Pointe’s machinery is portable. By having mechanical interlocks installed, the Sparkling Pointe team can safely use LEV Series devices to plug, unplug and relocate equipment, such as steam machines for sterilization. This is much safer than using basic extension cords for power, as those can easily get tugged out and potentially pose safety hazards for employees and customers walking by. Because the LEV Series mechanical interlocks and plugs are IEC 60309 pin & sleeve devices, they lock when mated, reducing the chance of accidental unplugging and improving the integrity of the electrical connection.

Leviton and Sparkling Pointe Winery

LEV Series - Award Winning IEC 60309 Pin & Sleeve Devices

Improved safety through sensing technology - embedded with Inform™

Technology, the mechanical interlocks have sensors inside that collect data. This data can be viewed on the device via LEDs, or remotely via the Inform app, allowing employees to understand what is occurring inside the mechanical interlocks without having to open them.

Remote monitoring - provides 24/7 access to data including enclosure temperature and humidity, any liquid accumulation in the enclosure, individual line- and load-side voltage values, ground continuity, and more. Accessible via mobile or desktop, employees can view this data from across the facility or from their own home.

Local indications - LEDs on the front cover provide easy to view indications of device status: Green LEDs indicate the device is operating under normal conditions, flashing red indicates there is a failure, and flashing yellow warns that there is a buildup of liquid inside of the enclosure that may lead to a potential failure. Sparkling Pointe often cites issues with legs dropping, so having indication lights helps staff quickly identify that everything is working properly, allowing for safer and faster troubleshooting, if necessary.

Designed with sanitation in mind - these watertight enclosures are IP69K rated for high-pressure, high-temperature washdowns, and have an industry-exclusive IP68 rating for long-term submersions. These ratings help Sparkling Pointe conduct stringent cleanings at the end of the day without having to worry about their electrical devices. The LEV Series devices are also NSF certified for use in food & beverage facilities.

By installing the LEV Series devices – watertight, with industry-leading environmental ratings -- Sparkling Pointe was able to upgrade operations in their processing area, enhancing experiences for both employees and customers. Moving forward, additional LEV Series mechanical interlocks are to be installed in various locations throughout Sparkling Pointe to ensure full facility coverage.