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Leviton and SmartONE: A smart partnership

Leviton and SmartONE: A smart partnership

Quebec, Canada

The demand for multifamily dwellings is on an upswing as individuals, families and retirees embrace the benefits of apartment and condominium.

Residents look to builders to outfit their units with all of today’s most desirable features, including the latest electrical devices for safety, energy savings, connectivity and convenience.

Smart partnership

Build highly functional, smarter MDUs with Leviton and our partner SmartONE. Together we provide a platform which delivers smart lighting, smart management, smart home technology and more, all resulting in safer and smarter communities.

We do this by creating smart homes for our residents and then integrating them into a unified community. Smart communities anticipate our customers’ changing needs, provide future-proofed building amenities and enhance the living experiences.


Our approach integrates a seamless mobile application with the smart home platform. This platform contains a wall pad, sensors and IoT devices. The homeowner simply downloads the app and registers on the wall pad, gaining control of their suite’s features. With a simple touch of their phone or wall pad, the homeowner now has access to an integrated and secure smart home and community system. The app provides the homeowner with convenience, flexibility, and security. The solution is customizable yet easy to use, keeping residents connected to their homes and communities; residents can adjust their suite’s lighting or temperature, control building access, book amenities such as shared EV charging, submit a service ticket, or set their suite to away mode. The resident can access any feature they want right from their phone without making a trip down to the concierge or property management office.

User-Friendly Experience

While the technology behind our solution is complex, the user experience on our app is not. The homeowner can easily find what they need, control their smart home functionality, and feel confident and secure using the solution