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Lenox Hill Hospital

Shands Cancer Hospital

Manhattan, New York

Lexington Avenue is an endlessly busy street in Manhattan, ferrying one-way traffic through Harlem, Midtown, the Upper East Side to Gramercy Park. Lexington Avenue is also home to Lenox Hill Hospital, a New York City institution for over 150 years. Lenox Hill is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan at 100 East 77th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. The hospital provides a wide variety of routine and emergency medical services to the community.

Gridlock and Safety Concerns

Recently Lenox Hill Hospital was presented with a unique problem. The engineering department had to come up with a solution to providing safe taxi pick-up service for hospital patients. The front entrance to the hospital is directly on the high-volume, narrow street, making visibility an issue. 

Lenox Hill began working on a new way to notify taxis that their services are required. This is where Leviton came in. Our LevNet RF Energy Harvesting with Wireless Protocol Solutions providied the flexibility of placement the hospital required. Local partner Mid-Island Electric Supply created large yellow LED "TAXI" signs wired and mounted at the hospital entrance and on the street corner, visible to oncoming taxi traffic. The signs were assigned to LevNet RF 3-Wire Relay Receivers and programmed to be controlled by LevNet RF Handheld 4-Button Remote Switches. A remote switch was provided to each hospital doorman. When someone leaving the hospital needs a taxi, the doorman now presses his handheld remote to activate the sign. Visitors and outpatients can now safely board a taxi.

Leviton is a Proven Innovative Partner

Lenox Hill Engineering was familiar with Leviton's quality products from years of project experience. Since working with LevNet RF, they also knew that Leviton delivers the highest value, performance and reliability in energy harvesting with wireless protocol in the industry. As a result of the Taxi sign project, hospital staff have been extremely happy to have one less worry. Creative problem-solving is a key benefit of partnering with proven leaders at Leviton.

“LevNet RF gave Lenox Hill the freedom to innovate a new LED solution. ”