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JFK Airport

JFK Airport
Leviton solutions utilized in the JFK International Airport Terminal 4 project:

GreenMAX Relay Control Panels:

Built by the industry, for the industry, GreenMAX performs advanced scheduling and daylight harvesting capabilities

Send signals to GreenMAX on available ambient light for daylight harvesting applications

Occupancy Sensors:
Alert GreenMAX to occupancy conditions in the space to ensure that lights remain off when areas are vacant, saving energy

Receiving more international passengers than any other airport, the JFK International Airport is the gateway to the United States. After years of planning and as part of a $1.4 billion investment in JFK, Terminal 4 opened in early 2014. Everything about it was designed to provide the customer with a more comfortable, convenient airport experience. Leviton GreenMAX relay control panels were employed to control general area lighting.

This large, heavily trafficked area required a networked lighting control system capable of interfacing with the airport's existing BAS system while incorporating scheduling control and daylight harvesting.

The size of the facility proved challenging, as long network runs between relay panels were required to connect the Terminal 4 GreenMAX system with the other JFK airport systems. The GreenMAX system readily handled the challenges of lengthy network runs and dynamics of one of the world's largest and busiest airports.

Leviton developed a detailed network layout to the contractor, which ensured proper connectivity for GreenMAX and also consolidated normal and emergency loads into the same panel, saving money and reducing the required wall space for GreenMAX panels within the crowded airport electrical closets.

Leviton also provided a separate Graphical User Interface (GUI) system to provide dedicated lighting control access, ensuring ease of use and customer satisfaction.

As a result of these creative solutions, Terminal 4 is now regarded as "The Terminal of Choice" by the John F. Kennedy International Airport with its modern aesthetics, superior functionality and comfortable amenities. Leviton enabled Terminal 4 to revolutionize the airport experience while saving time and conserving energy.