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Inter-American Development Bank

Inter-American Development Bank

The Customer
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is a multilateral donor organization that supports social and economic development in Latin American and Caribbean region. The organization has conducted climate change work for a number of years, and in 2009 created an Energy and Climate Change Unit (EDD) that is responsible for implementing the Sustainable Energy Climate Change Initiative (SECCI), which focused on four strategic pillars: renewable energy and energy efficiency, sustainable biofuel development, access to carbon markets, and adaptation to climate change.

The Challenge
IDB ha s made a commitment to reduce their overall environmental impact. To meet their goal they are upgrading their buildings as they undergo renovation. They were looking for a system that allowed them to control their lighting levels and incorporated daylight harvesting through photocells to reduce their energy usage. The system they choose also had to retrofit into their space.

The Solution
To provide IDB with tight lighting control to realize energy savings the Sector system was selected. IDB had selected a vendor at the start of the project who was unable to meet their time line and customer service requirements. Leviton proposed the Sector system and the project was fully installed 8 weeks later. The flexibility of the Sector system allowed the install of occupancy sensors in the open area at a ratio of 1 per cubical ensuring lighting is only used when areas are occupied. Photocells were installed to take advantage of natural light reducing the need for artificial light and further reducing energy consumption. The system dims lighting proportionally based on the distance from the windows. The Sector ballasts are switching loads to LED for hallways and multipurpose areas.

The Results
The Sector system was installed in five weeks, a very short time period for a full energy management overhaul. Sector is saving energy at the IDB facility by harvesting natural light from the broad exterior exposures and ensuring lights are OFF when the spaces are vacant. They are also pleased with the customer service provided by Leviton.

For More Information
To learn more about the wide range of Leviton’s lighting control and energy management solutions, please visit www.leviton.com/lms or call 503-404-5555.