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Hargis Electric

Paris, TX

Hargis Electric Case Study

Quality Wiring and Fast Installs Start with Decora Edge™

Bryan Hargis and his wife started Hargis Electric over 38 years ago in Paris, Texas. From humble beginnings, the business has grown in size and scope with a focus on keeping up with the latest electrical industry solutions to service their customers. “We have four service trucks that perform all types of commercial and residential electrical repairs and additions. We have a residential crew that only wires new houses and a different crew that wires commercial jobs such as schools, offices, banks and so on. All of our crews are able to help out with any of the other crews that get behind and need extra help. We also install and repair sports lighting systems in a 100 mile radius from Paris,” said Hargis.

Hargis Electric has a long history with Leviton products. Hargis noted, “We have installed Decora® devices for 18 years now. All of our customers always want Decora devices. The only changes we are seeing at the moment is that some of our customers are wanting non-standard colors, such as black.”

It wasn’t a big leap, therefore, for Hargis Electric to try the new Leviton Decora Edge devices. “Decora Edge is a game changer device because it is a well- engineered product that was probably engineered by an electrician. Features like the non-conductive color coded lever terminals, larger strap for a more stable installation that will fit behind a midway plate, the tongue and groove alignment system that aligns multiple devices together perfectly before the plate is installed, and the ability to use stranded wire. All of these features make for a better device for the customer and a faster installation for the electrician,” he said.

To keep up with trends and determine which are best suited to the homes Hargis Electric services and best meets the needs of their customers, Hargis mentioned, “Every so often I will take a trip into the suburban areas where a lot of houses are being built to see what trends I can find going on. It is really hard to say where home building will be headed so I would rather focus on keeping up with the trends as I see them, give the customer a quality wiring job with a no questions asked warranty and I’ll have a return customer for life.”

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Additionally, Hargis Electric has developed a long-standing relationship with their local sales team and distributor. “We are proud to work with our local sales contact David G’Sell at JD Martin Co., corporate office Houston, TX, and with Chris Wear of Dealers Electrical Supply, corporate office Waco, TX, who provide excellent support for all of our projects and keep us informed of industry trends,” said Hargis.

Giving Hargis Electric customers a quality wiring job just got faster and easier with Decora Edge devices.

“We have always had good luck with Leviton Devices. Leviton makes the best devices bar none. With the Edge product Leviton has stepped up their game again.” – Bryan Hargis