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Energy Dream Center

Energy Dream Center
Seoul, Korea

To represent the standards of Seoul, the Energy Dream Center turned to Leviton for lighting control solutions.

The Energy Dream Center is South Korea's first public building which produces self-sufficient energy. The building energy systems regenerate themselves through renewable energy generated by solar power and geothermal heat. This exhibition building is open to all residents and visitors to Seoul, and educates guests on the city's vision for a sustainable future.

Achieving the Future of Control
As part of the Energy Dream Center's commitment to renewable energy, a daylight harvesting and energy reduction strategy was desired. The Energy Dream Center needed a lighting system control that would automatically control the brightness of overhead lighting based on the amount of ambient light present in each room. The goal was to reduce artificial lighting as much as possible while maintaining the usability of the space.

"GreenMAX reduced energy usage by 40-50%."

To accomodate for temporary needs, such as presentations, manual controls were required. These switches would allow occupants to override photocells and occupancy sensors when required.

In addition, Energy Dream Center desired an energy control system with intuitive features such as astronomical clocks and pre-programmed Behaviors, to anticipate and adapt the lighting control internally.

When advanced technology and customization was required, GreenMAX provided the solution. GreenMAX centralized control, photocells and occupancy sensors were installed to achieve daylight harvesting capabilities. With GreenMAX's pre-programmed Behaviors and auto-adjusting internal features, the Energy Dream Center achieved the smartest level of control possible.

Integration & Innovation from Leviton
The GreenMAX centralized control system was a smashing success. The system interfaced directly with the internal building automation system through BACnet IP, making the installation and programming of the new energy control strategy even simpler. The GreenMAX relay control panels, photocells and occupancy sensors reduced energy usage by 40-50% since implementation.