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Dr. Chris Kelson's Orthodontist Office

Dr. Chris Kelson's Orthodontist Office

In the business of straightening teeth, correcting bites and perfecting smiles, attention to detail is essential. In fact, orthodontist Dr. Chris Kelson would even say it's his critical attention to detail that sets him apart from his peers. So it is not surprising that he wanted to emulate this professional attribute while building his new dream office in Boise, Idaho. During the design process, Dr. Kelson looked to incorporate unique elements throughout the office that would achieve the perfect combination of trendy and whimsy to create an aesthetic that grabbed the attention of his patients.

With vintage arcade machines, learning annex and aquarium in place, one design element stood out in Dr. Kelson's mind against everything else - the outdated look of traditional electrical outlets and switches. Traditional electrical outlets clashed with the modern design elements that he had invested time and money into and stunted the overall atmosphere, making his perfect space "incomplete." While electrical outlets are often viewed as a minute item - one built from necessity over design - a keen eye understands that even the smallest design element like a light switch can create a detailed and unique space. In order to fully embrace his dreams of a modern office, Dr. Kelson looked for electrical outlets that not only fit with modern styles, but also stood out as a design element all on their own. His goal was colored electrical outlets and light switches...but he just wasn't sure if that was a reality.

Several online searches for colored outlets introduced Dr. Kelson to Renu®, a Leviton brand of electrical switches, dimmers, wallplates and receptacles. Since the building has a simple color palette, he was pleased to see that Renu devices were available in 20 different colors. The fact that Renu wallplates do not require screws for installation also provided a sleek, modern design that Dr. Kelson knew would fit his unique design plans perfectly. Being a Leviton brand, Dr. Kelson also knew that he would be purchasing quality products from a trusted company.

Rather than selecting colors to match his company's logo, Dr. Kelson opted for bright pops of color to stand out throughout the office, demonstrating the attention to detail that his company stands for. In total, he purchased 30 outlets and 30 light switches in both lime green and navy blue with stainless steel wallplates. The products provide him with the flexibility to easily change the colors in a snap in the future, as he has plans to switch the colors throughout the year depending on the season or holidays.

With the construction of his dream office complete, Dr. Kelson says he has achieved the clean, modern and unique design he had hoped for. "Our office tells the story of who we are as a practice," he said, adding that the Renu devices complement both the look and functionality of the office. The colors of the outlets and light switches complete the elegant, crisp and bright theme he was aiming for. Most importantly, his patients have taken notice to the outlets and often inquire about the look and ask where they can purchase similar devices for their homes.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal of the Renu devices, Dr. Kelson finds the products to be extremely functional within his office, noting that the rocker light switches seem to be even more ergonomically appealing than similar switches available on the market. Best of all, he says that incorporating this unique, detailed element into his new office not only meshed with his overall design plan, but was very affordable.

"The Renu outlets and light switches fit perfectly into the cool, unique design elements throughout the entire office space, but didn't break the bank," Dr. Kelson explains. "Although many might view light switches and electrical outlets as a minor part of a room's design, I felt that making sure they stood out as much as anything else perfectly exemplifies the attention to detail that I bring to my profession each and every day. The look and functionality of the Renu devices has exceeded my expectations, and have caught the attention of my patients to accomplish my overall goal."