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Docking Drawer

Docking Drawer
Out-of-Sight Charging for Clutter-Free Space

With the number of smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices steadily on the rise, countertops and nightstands have become synonymous with “charging station”. This has led to increased clutter, overloaded outlets and the thought that there must be a better way. Now there is, thanks to Docking Drawer.

Docking Drawer is the creator and market leader of in-drawer electrical outlets. “We offer patented and simple-to-specify solutions for a reliable way to add drawer outlets safely into all types of cabinets and countertops. This provides a moveable, functional power source and clutter-free aesthetic,” explains Paul Hostelley, Business Developer at Docking Drawer. Docking Drawer ingenuity turns an ordinary drawer in practically any area of the home - kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, home office - into a hidden charging or power station where electronics and appliances can be kept charged or plugged in and ready for use.

Charging Outlets vs. Powering Outlets

With the rush to quickly access everything from electronics to styling tools and appliances, it’s important to know the difference between charging outlets and powering outlets to ensure the right outlet is available in the right space to get the job done.

Charging outlets restore battery life to electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, fitness trackers and more. Docking Drawer charging outlets deliver a maximum of 3 amps of power and feature an interlocking circuit breaker for safety to prevent high power devices, such as appliances, from being used by mistake. They are ideally placed in kitchen cabinets, nightstands and desk drawers, as well as entry tables. Essentially anywhere you want an outlet accessible and convenient for charging.

Power outlets are used for hair dryers, curling irons, mixers, small tools and other appliances requiring up to 20 amps of current. For optimal safety, power outlets feature a UL Listed interlocking thermostat that cuts power to the outlet should the surrounding temperature in the drawer exceed 120˚F. The device must then be manually reset and will turn back ON only when the temperature reaches a safe range. Power outlets are perfect for vanities, make-up tables, tool benches, and in kitchens.

To assure quality and reliability, all outlets used in Docking Drawer products are manufactured by Leviton. “Docking Drawer is a product designed and engineered from the beginning to be more robust, safer, feature-rich, and well-made than the average consumer product,” said Hostelley. “To go along with our product, we needed an electrical component manufacturer with the same level of quality and design. We could have purchased directly from overseas companies and saved significant money but that’s just not the philosophy behind our product. We wanted a partner that would be with us for the long run and that aligned with our goals as a company. That’s why we chose Leviton,” he explained.

An Easy Solution

Both Charging and Powering Docking Drawer Outlets come pre-assembled with everything necessary for a seamless installation and are listed to ETL, CSA, CE and RCM standards. They are offered in a variety of sizes with different range extensions, so it’s important to know the exact measurements of the intended drawer or space for a seamless installation. “All of our products are designed to fit in standard drawers and cabinet layouts so there is no need to modify the space to accommodate the device,” said Hostelley. “They are best used in planned installations, such as new construction or a remodel, because there must be an available power source to complete the installation which may not typically be found in an existing space,” he noted.

Currently, the Docking Drawer Blade is the most popular model. It features a single device with a combination of two tamper-resistant outlets and two USB ports, or with 4-port USB (no outlets), allowing users the freedom to charge up to four devices at one time. A close second is the Docking Drawer Blade Duo. The Blade Duo gives users their choice of two separate devices housed within one unit. Both USB Type-C™ and USB Type A ports are offered for charging, along with tamper-resistant outlets for other power needs. The Blade Duo is ideal for families and busy households.

The New Standard

“In-drawer outlets are fast becoming the standard - every project today has at least one. The question is, in which drawer will it be located?” said Hostelley. As a matter of fact, he was gratified to share that many contractors are revealing in-drawer outlets at the end of a job as their gift to the homeowners, who are universally surprised and delighted with this innovative solution. Docking Drawer Outlets are by no means limited to residential applications. Commercial projects are also embracing the technology.

Docking Drawer Outlets can be found in the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox locker rooms, in retail outlets such as Athleta, in casinos, upscale hotels, resorts and spas, as well as universities, hospitals and laboratories.

And the market for this innovative solution is just getting started. With billions of drawers manufactured each year in the U.S. serving both residential and commercial needs, the possibilities are endless.