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Davenport Hotel

Davenport Hotel
USB Charger Hospitality Solutions

The Davenport Grand Hotel in Spokane, Wash., a newly built 17-story hotel with 716 guest rooms, has the latest amenities and technology that modern-day travelers have come to expect, giving them a relaxing, comforting environment to recharge - both their bodies and their electronic devices. Doug Ward, master electrician for Worthy Enterprises, was tasked with selecting and installing electrical wiring devices for the new hotel and wanted to give guests attractive, high-quality products in the guest rooms and throughout the rest of the property. While sometimes overlooked in the overall design process, Ward and the team at the Davenport Grand Hotel recognized the subtle importance that innovative electrical devices can provide to the hotel experience.

Today's traveler - whether it's for business or a family vacation - brings with them the latest electronic gadgets. According to a recent power usage survey, 70 percent of travelers carry laptops with them when they travel and 88 percent carry smartphones while traveling. Ward understood the need to find an electrical solution to accommodate travelers' digital needs while still supporting the electrical requirements for the hotel, such as telephones, lamps and televisions.

Ward looked to Leviton, the leading manufacturer of electrical devices for a solution to meet the needs of the hotel. "Knowing that Leviton produces a variety of high-quality devices in an assortment of colors, I turned to them to see if they offered a solution that specifically met the needs of the travelers visiting the hotel," Ward explained.

During discussions with Larry Williams, a sales representative from Leviton, Ward was introduced to the Leviton USB Charger/Duplex Tamper-Resistant Receptacle. This electrical outlet has two 20A Tamper-Resistant Receptacles and two USB Ports with 3.6A of charging power, allowing guests to charge two USB powered electronic devices - such as smart and mobile phones, tablets, gaming devices, e-readers, digital cameras and more - while leaving the two Receptacles free for other uses - such as alarm clocks and lamps. Understanding that most travelers use their mobile devices as alarm clocks, USB Receptacles were installed on each side of the beds in all 716 guest rooms to allow for overnight charging. The USB receptacles were also installed near the desks so guests can charge their mobile devices, plug their laptops in while working and use the lamp near the desk, all from one electrical outlet. Additionally, because of the smart microchip inside the Leviton USB Receptacles that recognizes the specific charging needs of each device, hotel guests are guaranteed that their devices are charged with optimal power and speed.

Ward also installed Leviton USB Receptacles in the lobby and other common areas throughout the hotel to allow guests the convenience of charging a device wherever they are. The device's two USB ports are placed vertically to provide generous room for guests to insert and maneuver charging cords. The contemporary and aesthetically appealing design complements the décor in the Davenport Grand Hotel, for a finished look.

To meet additional needs of travelers staying at the Davenport Grand Hotel and create a more comfortable and luxurious environment, Ward also selected and installed other Leviton products throughout the hotel. Leviton Combination Decora® Switch and LED Guide Lights were installed in the bathroom of each guest room for added safety and convenience. The energy-saving LEDs turn on and off automatically based on ambient light level so guests do not have to fumble in the dark to find the light switch at night. Decora light switches, receptacles and wallplates were installed in different colors throughout the hotel to complement the hotel's design. Leviton's well-known, high-quality GFCI receptacles meet the NEC® requirements and were installed throughout the hotel for an additional level of electrical safety. All Leviton products installed in guest rooms and public areas enhance the luxurious environment at the Davenport Grand Hotel and offer guests the quality and electrical safety Leviton is committed to delivering.

In addition to enhancing the guest experience, Leviton products were also selected for non-public areas restricted to hotel employees. GFCIs and standard receptacles up to 50A were installed in service areas and kitchens for equipment and coffee brewers, and more 50A receptacles were installed in three junior ballrooms and one grand ballroom to power equipment during events.

Over 150 unique Leviton products, totaling almost 16,000 individual units, were installed at the Davenport Grand Hotel. Ward has worked with Leviton on many other projects over the past fifteen years including two other large hotels.

"Working with Leviton is always a pleasure," said Ward. "Our local Leviton sales representative went above and beyond to ensure we were getting the quality and variety of products we needed for our many applications throughout the hotel. It was a relief having Larry to help us with the little things and make sure that the project was running smoothly, and we look forward to continuing to use Leviton products in the future, knowing great quality and customer service is on our side."