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Colby College

Colby College

Waterville, Maine, USA

The Customer

Colby College, an American private liberal arts college located on Mayflower Hill in Waterville, Maine founded in 1813. 

The Challenge
Lighting in the book stack areas were kept on twenty-four hours a day in the library and switches were previously removed in the book stacks prior to the advent of occupancy sensors for security reasons. 

The Solution
The stack area consists of 45-3 lamp 48” T12, and 25-2 lamp 48” T12 fixtures consuming a total of 6840 watts. We decided to install a Light logger to monitor the area for two weeks. 

The Results
Light Logger data was retrieved and was entered into the Dollars & Sensors software to quantify the use of occupancy sensors in the facility. Results showed a potential savings of $6472.00, with a payback of 1.5 months. 

The college decided to install 4-OSC10-M0W, and 4-OSP20-0D0 in the first area of the stacks. There will be potentially sixteen more areas to have sensors installed as each area gets completed. 

For More Information
To learn more about the wide range of Leviton’s lighting control and energy management solutions, please visit www.leviton.com/lms or call 503-404-5555. 

Location: Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Application: Install occupancy sensors in book stack areas of college library.

Industry: Education.

System Components: OSC10-M0W, OSP20-0D0

Benefits: The customer saves $6472 per year in energy costs.