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Brentwood College

Brentwood College
The appearance of new technological innovations has transformed the habits and behaviors of individuals and education is no exception. Our solutions help support schools to allow both students and teachers to fully enjoy the latest technology.

Recently, our Leviton team and partner distributor EB Horsman have delivered a complete solution to Brentwood College. This co-educational boarding school is recognized for its innovative approach, preparatory programs, and spectacular oceanfront setting. The boarding school is an integral part of the campus, offering a unique environment for the development and fulfillment of students.

The Challenge

During a training session at Brentwood College, they were considering a competitor’s solution for their IT/AV needs in classrooms and boardrooms. They had concerns about the cost and the programming required to use that competitor’s system. After taking them through a demo and showing them that our Leviton IT/AV solution is a plug and play system that requires no programming, they were very impressed.

The feedback they gave us was that our IT/AV solution was ideal for their application as they wanted a system that was easy to use for their teachers, especially those who were not tech savvy. Furthermore, the cost savings with our IT/AV solution was a bonus.

This relieves many of the concerns for fiber density and reach and recognizes that with several hundred super-user bandwidth consumers in residence, single mode was definitely the solution for all of them streaming video at the same time in the evenings and on the weekends. The student, non-school usage, is a dynamic that most organizations do not need to consider. Also, regarding the school’s IT Network security, there was no chance of it being compromised as the IT/AV systems are single-classroom-centric, and not on the school’s IT network at all.

One of the interesting things about Brentwood College was their recognition that single-mode fiber was going to be their fiber solution for everything on campus.

The Solution

Leviton AV Signal Extenders allow schools to use versatile category-rated cable to carry high-bandwidth signals to the latest devices anywhere in the room.

Leviton audio amplifiers easily integrate with the existing infrastructure while helping to comply with ADA decibel requirements. And with simple AV control options and autoswitching capability, teachers can easily add/ control inputs from up to three different sources.

HDMI® Extender Transmitter & Receiver (41910-HTR)

  • 4/8 Ohm Mixing Audio Amplifier (41920-A01)
  • 8-Button Control Panel Wallplate (41920-CP8)
  • HDMI® and VGA Autoswitching HDBaseTTM Extender Wallplate (41920-HRC)