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Baylor Hospital

Baylor Hospital
Dallas, Texas

Working together, Leviton and Prism Electric provided Baylor Charles A. Sammons Center at Dallas with a wiring device solution that met all critical codes, was within budget, eased installation and saved time and labor costs. By using a collaborative, design-build approach the firm specified Lev-Lok Wiring devices throughout the facility and met all client critical criteria!

The Customer

Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center at Dallas provides the community with the largest outpatient cancer center in North Texas. This facility is one part of Baylor’s $350 million initiative to increase cancer care. By moving outpatient services to a stand-alone facility, Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas has renovated existing facilities and Baylor T. Boone Pickens Cancer Hospital is the largest dedicated cancer hospital in North Texas. By the end of 2012, all three phases of construction will be complete and will provide a place of healing, comfort and spirituality for everyone involved in the cancer journey. 

The Challenge

The construction project plan required the expansion to be completed in phases, within a tight time frame for each phase. Prism, with the project’s general contractor, MEDCO Construction, conducted a means and methods analysis to determine how best to meet or even beat the compact schedule demands. It was also necessary to factor in the cost of accelerating the schedule and fit the efforts within the budget limits. 

The Solution

The project required a unique wiring device solution due to critical code demands, budgetary limits and could be installed efficiently enough to save time and labor costs. The electrical contractor on the project, Prism Electric, has completed many health care projects with similar limitations and demands and recognized that Leviton’s Lev- Lok modular wiring device system was the technology that would allow this project to meet the project schedule and budgetary requirements. Gary Sabol, Prism’s project manager on the Cancer Center project, credited Lev-Lok as “the way to go” with this venture: “Worked GREAT! No doubt Lev-lok is the way to go! Productivity was vastly improved, which allowed us to complete the job faster and with less fatigue on our employees."

The benefits of using the Lev-Lok System extend well beyond the initial installation. Change out of devices is much quicker and safer (as compared to conventional devices). This is especially important in a health care environment, as device change out is a more frequent occurrence due the nature of heavy use. Quicker change out means less downtime – a must in critical care areas – and lower maintenance costs.

The Project Players

Prism Electric, Inc. the 9th largest electrical contractor in Texas, has extensive experience completing successful projects in the highly complex health care industry. In the past five years, Prism has completed seven projects for Baylor Health Care System and more than 20 health care projects across Texas and Oklahoma. Prism offers comprehensive designbuild and design-assist services that general contractors have come to appreciate along with their ability to bring solutions to the challenges of their projects.

Lev-Lok Benefits

  • A means and method procedure to meet or exceed GC compacted schedule dates – Shorter duration time required
  • Lower labor rate for installation – Less skilled employee required
  • Greater productivity per unit-hour
  • Reduced replacement time due to devices damaged during construction process
  • One tool required for device installation
  • Increased productivity of QA/QC process due to elimination of devices wired incorrectly
  • Reduced fatigue on employees – less time spent on their knees installing the device the traditional way
  • Cost effective