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Baptist Hospital

Baptist Hospital
South Florida

The Customer

Baptist Hospital is South Florida’s premier healthcare provider with 8 locations and some of the most recognized physicians in the field providing care and compassion for the community.

The Challenge

To provide a cost effective energy management solution that maximizes savings without adding complexity or inconvenience for the staff and patients.

The Solution

The solution required a combination of ceiling mount wall mount sensors depending on the size and use of the room. The loading docks and equipment rooms were outfitted with Dual Tech ceiling sensors to ensure that the larger footprint of the room is covered whenever occupied. The exam rooms were outfitted with wall switch dual tech sensors near the entrance maximizing energy savings while keeping cost down.

The Results

The devices are installed and working but the rooms aren’t scheduled for use for another month so we don’t have any feedback from the end-user yet. However the energy calculations forecast a 30% average savings for the now controlled areas.

For More Information

To learn more about the wide range of Leviton’s lighting control and energy management solutions, please visit www.leviton.com/lms or call 503-404-5555


Location: Baptist Hospital., West Miami, Florida.

Application: Hospital exam room and common work area occupancy sensor installation.

Industry: Healthcare

System Components:

  • 27 - OSC20-U0W
  • 83 - OSSMT-MDW

Benefits: Reduced energy cost.