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3 AM Pranks

3 AM Pranks

3 AM Pranks

When YouTube sensations, That YouTub3 Family, wanted to create a fun new video they looked no further than Leviton Decora Smart with Wi-Fi technology. That YouTub3 Family, otherwise known as Dad, Mom, and their four lovely children, Audrey, Jordan, Jake, and Ty, utilize five new wireless Leviton devices in their latest viral video, "3AM Pranks".

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The prank episode begins with the father, setting the scene. He has spent an afternoon installing Leviton Wi-Fi switches, dimmers, and plug-in devices in the bedrooms and basement, so that he can be prepared for the upcoming 3AM prank on his children. Dad also connects an Amazon Alexa device to his Leviton smart products, allowing him to control everything with his voice. It's the perfect setup to fake "paranormal activity" and scare the children.

"I can control the lights with my phone...you can control the switches from anywhere" says Dad, as he excitedly turns off the overheard light via his app. "Watch this. Alexa, turn off boy's room", the Amazon Echo confirms with an "Okay" as the overhead lights fade to black.

Dad points to his boys' television, currently showing a paused video game. The television has a DW15A Plug-In Outlet attached, allowing Dad to turn the TV off from his phone.

"I can come here to Outlet 1, which is what the TV's plugged into, and if I hit this button - bam, TV turns off, and the boys have no idea what happened." Without anything other than Leviton's smart devices, Wi-Fi, and a smartphone, Dad is able to make his home smart and set up the perfect practical joke.


Dad then gathers his family in the living room, except the boys, who are downstairs in the basement, playing on the computers. "I can now control the switches from my phone, so what I'm going to do is flip the lights off, turn them back on, flip them off, turn them on..."

"I just downloaded the My Leviton app, and flip the switch off" as you hear the boys say, "What just happened?" and "Who turned out the lights?" followed by, "I don't know, did you?". The lights turn on again and the boys look at each other in bewilderment. What happened was Dad installed a DW15S light switch and used his app from upstairs to turn the basement lights on and off repeatedly. But with no one else in the room and the lights turning on and off, the boys are frightened.

Later in the episode, Dad says, "I've enlisted Jordan to help me with the pranking of the boys" as he reminds everyone that he has changed out the dimmers for Leviton smart dimmers and installed plug-in outlets on the electronics. "I'm going to sit here and mess with them. I'm going to turn off their TV, turn off the lights..." Dad then instructs his daughter to head into the boys room and utilize Alexa to turn the lights back on. "They don't know what Alexa is, so guaranteed they're going to freak out."

As the boys play Mario Kart, Dad uses his app to turn off the lights. The boys get scared before the daughter exclaims, "Alexa, turn on the boy's room" and the room goes to full brightness as the boys look with confusion around the room.

The boys express frustration, and Dad closes with "Well, it is 3AM...it could be haunted. Alexa, turn off Outlet 1" as the TV goes dark. He instructs, "Alexa, turn off boy's room lights" and the room fades to black. The boys exclaim, "Okay, what's going on here? This room is haunted, I'm leaving!"


Leviton Decora Smart is commonly used for comfort, convenience, and safety, providing remote access and schedules-based automation to enhance your lifestyle. However, it can be a lot of fun to use an app or your voice to control overhead lights, table lamps, small appliances, fans, and more. Try out Leviton Decora Smart in your home.

DIY'er: That YouTub3 Family