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LED Lighting and Control Solutions

for Retail

LED lighting and LED controls for retail

LED Lighting and Controls in Retail Applications

LED lighting and controls play an important part in a retail application. Tailor LED lighting to positively influence customers during their purchase decision process, optimize their route through your store and elevate your brand and sales capacity. Attract first time buyers and repeat business while improving functionality for your employees. Leviton offers a spec-ready and code compliant LED lighting and control solution for every space in a retail application.

LED Light Fixtures and LED Lighting Controls for Retail
Making the Case for LED Lighting & LED Lighting Control Solutions

in Retail


Enhancing the way your customers shop with LED lighting and LED lighting controls.

Appeals to the sense and taste | Influences the purchasing decision | Impacts customer’s attention | Promotes retail brand

LED lighting and LED controls for retail

LED Light Fixture Brands

LED Lighting Controls and Submetering

Window Displays

Creates an inviting first impression | Captures customer’s attention | Highlights merchandise and branding

LED lighting and LED controls for window displays

LED Light Fixture Solutions for Window Displays

LED Lighting Control for Window Displays


Simple and cost-effective standalone solution meets energy code requirements for dimming, daylighting, and multi-zone control.

Integrated room control (IRC)

Sales Floor, General Illumination

Influence customer’s moods and emotions | Creates contrast and drama for spaces requiring more personalized sales assistance | Communicates maximum value for high activity self-service spaces

Sales Floor General Illumination

LED Light Fixture Solutions for General Illumination

LED Lighting Control for General Illumination

Sapphire™ Touch Screen

Customizable user interface provides lighting and AV control from one pane to create the perfect ambiance; create multiple tabs with button and slider controls to control multiple spaces.

Sapphire touchscreen lighting control

Sales Floor, Accent / Perimeter

Provides visual sharpness for examining merchandise and reading labels | Accentuates merchandise and branding | Pro Tip: Minimum 3:1 contrast ration will help highlight favorable products

Retail sales floor accent lighting

LED Light Fixture Solutions for Accent and Perimeter Lighting

LED Lighting Control for Accent and Perimeter Lighting

GreenMAX® DRC Room Control System

Engineered to control virtually any lamp or fixture type, set schedules for lighting for auto shutoff and pre-determined lighting levels based on hours of operation.

GreenMAX DRC lighting controls

Fitting Rooms

Promotes a positive perception for customers trying items on | Targets soft, yet even illumination as the goal | Pro Tip: Studies have shown that females prefer frontal lighting while males prefer lighting from overhead

Lighting and lighting controls for fitting rooms

LED Light Fixture Solutions for Fitting Rooms

LED Lighting Control for Fitting Rooms

Sensing Controls

Less trafficked areas can go unoccupied for long periods leaving lights on unnecessarily; sensors turn lights on and off based on occupancy for safety and additional energy savings.

Sensing controls

Check Stands

Provides a simple, appealing, and stress-free exit | Generates a comfortable and positive atmosphere | Pro Tip: Architecturally appealing accents can add a sense of appeal when approaching purchase

Lighting and lighting controls for check stands

LED Light Fixture Solutions for Check Stands

LED Lighting Control for Check Stands

Sapphire™ Touch Screen

Customizable user interface provides lighting and AV control from one pane to create the perfect ambiance; create multiple tabs with button and slider controls to control multiple spaces.

Sapphire touchscreen lighting control

Offices / Auxiliary Spaces

Establishes a comfortable and productive atmosphere | Ensures glare-free illumination | Meets energy code requirements

Lighting and lighting control for offices

LED Light Fixture Solutions for Offices and Auxiliary Spaces

LED Lighting Control for Offices and Auxiliary Spaces

Smart Wallbox Sensor

Simple sensing with additional app-configurable capabilities for occupancy/vacancy mode, adjustable timeouts, partial-ON/ partial-OFF timeouts, enable the photocell for daylighting hold-OFF.

Smart sensors


Ensures instant visibility | Allows employees to perform required operations | Provides occupancy sensing and energy savings for less trafficked areas

LED lighting and LED controls for storerooms

LED Light Fixture Solutions for Storerooms

LED Lighting Control for Storerooms

Sensing Controls

High-bay / low-bay sensors are ideal for storage spaces that are less trafficked, lighting in each aisle is independently controlled and turned ON/OFF or partial-OFF based on occupancy; cold storage models available.

High-Bay/Low-Bay fixture mount sensors

Lighting Solutions

Aisle Lighting

Highlight products and capture customers' attention.

Aisle lighting

Illuminate aisles.

Track Lighting

Focus attention on key products.

Track Lighting
Ambient Lighting

Add emphasis to key products.

Ambient lighting

Control Solutions

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