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Partnering with BIOS to provide a healthier future.

Leviton Lighting Brands and BIOS have partnered to provide state-of-the-art circadian lighting solutions that help humans thrive.

Natural light is the essence of life itself, a biological necessity for the well-being of humans. BIOS illuminated solutions bring the natural brilliance of the outdoors where it is needed most—for human health and beyond. Research has shown that our circadian system has its peak sensitivity in the ‘sky blue’ region near 490nm. With BIOS patented technology, BIOS SkyBlue®,  delivers a distinct peak in the ‘sky blue’ region at 490nm where traditional LEDs (used for color tuning) have a significant drop in their sky blue content, regardless of color temperature. BIOS SkyBlue® surpasses traditional white LEDs in melanopic content regardless of CCT.


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