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LED Lighting and Control Solutions

for Commercial Buildings and Offices

LED lighting controls in commercial buildings

LED Lighting and Controls in Commercial Building Applications

LED lighting and controls play an important part in an office application. Enhance the work environment while meeting energy code requirements. The right LED lighting can have a positive impact on well-being, productivity, attentiveness, and mental health. Leviton offers a spec-ready and code compliant LED lighting and control solution for every space in an office application.

LED Light Fixtures and LED Lighting Controls for Offices
Making the Case for LED Lighting & LED Lighting Control Solutions

in Commercial Buildings


Enhancing the work environment with LED lighting and LED lighting controls.

Enhances the work environment | Creates a positive impact on well-being, productivity, attentiveness, and mental health | Meets energy code requirements

LED lighting and LED controls for offices

LED Light Fixture Brands

LED Lighting Controls and Submetering


Ensures a comfortable atmosphere | Creates a great first impression | Makes all feel welcomed

LED lighting and LED controls for lobbies

LED Light Fixture Solutions for Lobbies

LED Lighting Control for Lobbies


Simple and cost-effective standalone solution meets energy code requirements for dimming, daylighting, and multi-zone control.

Integrated room control (IRC)

Reception Areas

Reinforces brand and messaging | Provides a professional and welcoming atmosphere for employees and visitors | Sets the mood for the environment

LED lighting and LED controls for reception areas

LED Light Fixture Solutions for Reception Areas

LED Lighting Control for Reception Areas

Lumina™ RF Wireless Devices

Adds wireless control for any ON/OFF, 0-10V and phase cut dimming application to easily meet the unique lighting control needs of any space for simple switching, dimming, sensing and scene control.

Lumina RF room control

Open Office Areas

Promotes human-centric design with color tuning for occupant well-being | Enhances attentiveness, productivity, and motivation | Increases functionality for employees

LED lighting and LED controls for open office areas

LED Light Fixture Solutions for Open Office Areas

LED Lighting Control for Open Office Areas

Intellect Keypads

Meet code compliance requirements for auto shutoff, manual control, daylighting zone control, multi-level lighting control, and receptacle control; IECC requires independent controls for each 600 SF.

Intellect keypads

Private Offices

Provides an optimal working environment with personal control | Takes advantage of positive effects of natural daylight | Enhances employee health and productivity

LED lighting and LED controls for private offices

LED Light Fixture Solutions for Private Offices

LED Lighting Control for Private Offices

Sensors and/or Room Controllers

Smart Wallbox Sensor provides simple occupancy/vacancy sensing and dimming control; Smart Ceiling Mounted Room Controller includes standalone daylighting functionality, ideal for spaces with windows.

Smart sensors


Helps occupants find their way with ease | Provides energy efficiency and savings | Ensures instant visibility

LED lighting and LED controls for hallways

LED Light Fixture Solutions for Hallways

LED Lighting Control for Hallways

GreenMAX® DRC Analog Interface and OSC20-M

Hallways can oftentimes go unoccupied leaving lights on unnecessarily; sensors help to turn the lights on and off based on occupancy.

GreenMAX DRC lighting controls

Boardrooms / Conference Rooms

Enables an optimal meeting environment | Supports a variety of presentation requirements, including AV | Encourages attentiveness, focus, and productivity

LED lighting and LED controls for offices

LED Light Fixture Solutions for Boardrooms and Conference Rooms

LED Lighting Control for Boardrooms and Conference Rooms

Sapphire™ Touch Screen

Customize pushbutton scene control for presentations, meetings, and other events; incorporate sliders for manual control and incorporate a sensor for occupancy sensing and daylighting.

Sapphire touchscreen lighting control


Provides efficient lighting to guide occupants | Creates a safe environment for occupants to travel between floors | Meets code compliance for egress lighting

LED lighting and LED controls for stairwells

LED Light Fixture Solutions for Stairways

LED Lighting Control for Stairways

Sensing Controls

Fixtures can be integrated with sensors to dim lighting to 50% to meet code compliance for egress lighting; automatically turn lights to partial-OFF and partial-ON based on occupancy for safety and energy savings.

Fixture mount sensing controls


Elevates functionality and aesthetics | Enhances visibility | Promotes cleanliness

LED lighting and LED controls for restrooms

LED Light Fixture Solutions for Restrooms

LED Lighting Control for Restrooms

Sensing Controls

Restrooms can go unoccupied for long periods leaving lights on unnecessarily; sensors turn lights on and off based on occupancy; use the OSCxx-M in multi-stalls and the OSSMT in single stalls.

Sensing controls

Parking Structure

Enhances safety and security for occupants and vehicles | Ensures easy and safe movement of vehicles | Reduces energy and maintenance costs while improving lighting performance

LED lighting and LED controls in parking structures

LED Light Fixture Solutions for Parking Structures

LED Lighting Control for Parking Structures

GreenMAX® Relay Panels

Parking garages require auto shutoff and daylighting controls; ASHRAE 90.1 also requires covered entrances to automatically reduce lighting by 50% from sunset to sunrise.

GreenMAX relay panel with handheld display unit

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