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All GFCIs Are Not The Same

Choose Leviton for more complete protection.

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GFCI end of life

Know the Facts

As the first GFCI circuit breakers that meet the May 2021 UL requirements, Leviton GFCI’s set the bar for home safety, locking out users if ground-fault protection is lost.

It’s that simple.

Keep Customers Safe with Full Lockout Protection

Choose a product that doesn't fall short on safety for your customers. Each year in the US, tens of thousands of people are shocked or electrocuted. The work you perform can affect your customers for years to come. Trust Leviton GFCI and AFCI/GFCI to protect them from the dangers of electric shock.

Quick Facts

The Leviton Advantage

  • We manufacture the first GFCI circuit breaker on the market that prevents reset of the device if ground-fault protection is lost.

Why Choose Leviton GFCIs?

  • Other manufacturers may allow their GFCI devices to be reset even after protection is lost – taking advantage of UL exemptions and providing users with unprotected power.

Superior GFCI Protection. Advanced Technology. Only from Leviton.

Leviton Patented Reset Lockout

Prevents reset if GFCI is damaged and cannot respond to a ground-fault

Tamper-Resistant Shutters

Meets NEC® 406.12 requirement by blocking access to the contacts unless a two- or three-prong plug is inserted

Standard Self-Ground Clip

Grounds the device in grounded metal box installations

Status Indicator Light

Red and green LED indications provide simple, intuitive feedback on power and protection status as well as correct wiring

Only 1.026” Protrusion into Wallbox

Takes up to 25% less space in the wallbox vs. other GFCIs for easier installation

Terminals Withstand High Torque

Tolerates high-torque power tool installation and prevents wire pullout

Back and Side Wire

Two convenient wiring options; the external clamp also provides visual indication of proper wire seating

Easy-to-Read Diagnostics

Easy-to-read LEDs help communicate trip condition and type of fault.

Hydraulic-Magnetic Trip Technology

Hydraulic-magnetic trip technology ensures precise tripping even in extreme temperature ranges.

Smart-Enabled Available

Optional Wi-Fi® or Ethernet connectivity with the My Leviton app.

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Exceeds UL Safety Standards

Ground-fault and dual-function circuit breakers exceed UL safety standards.

Explore Our GFCIs

Whatever your application, Leviton’s line up of GFCI receptacles offers a wide variety of options

1. The UL943 standard no longer exempts GFCI circuit breakers from detecting and warning when the trip solenoid and/or switching semiconductor fails in the “open” state, rendering the GFCI circuit breaker incapable of tripping in response to a fault condition, resulting in complete loss of GFCI protection. However, the effective date of this requirement is 8/11/24. Leviton GFCIs have always met the more stringent safety requirement.

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