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Be a Victor to the Flicker!

Pairing the right LED dimmer and bulb makes all the difference.

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LED bulbs are often used with dimmers and have become the standard for lighting fixtures throughout the home. When purchasing a new dimmer or LED bulb, you should first ensure dimmer/bulb compatibility in order to have the best dimming experience.
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The NEMA Standard

Over the past several years, the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association (NEMA) has established basic testing standards for dimmer and bulb manufacturers to help improve performance by addressing common compatibility issues such as flickering, buzzing, humming or limited dimming range.

Leviton’s Compatibility Testing

In line with this, Leviton takes it one step further by conducting our own internal testing to help ensure optimal bulb compatibility with our dimmers. Through our own proprietary testing method and online LED Compatibility Selector Tool we assist professionals and homeowners in choosing the best bulb/dimmer combinations for optimal performance every time.

Leviton’s Compatibility Testing
LED Dimming Compatibility Program

LED Dimming Compatibility Program

The Pair BULB + DIMMER logo will soon appear on dimmer and bulb packages as well as online listings to help identify compatible products. This logo serves as a general guide when shopping. However, for the most up to date compatibility information for the best dimming experience, we recommend using the Leviton LED Compatibility Selector Tool found on our website.

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