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Energy Management

Energy management

The key to any energy management project is collecting the right data. The knowledgeable staff of Leviton can help navigate the best solutions to easily and affordably collect any Modbus, Modbus TCP, BACnet IP, Pulse, 4-20mA, or sensor data.

Data integration can quickly get complicated with the countless manufactures, models and available devices. Contact Leviton to assist you in finding the right solution for your project.

Utility Pulse Meter Data Collection

Many owners of commercial and industrial (C&I) buildings start their energy management process by collecting energy use data right from their utility meter. Leviton provides solutions with and without cellular options to help collect Electricity, Water or Gas data from a building.

Circuit-Level Panel Monitoring

Panel Monitoring has so many useful applications - Critical load monitoring at data centers or hospitals, or power allocation for business units and tenants. This install ready solution is ideal for collecting up to 16 different 3-phase loads or 48 individual circuits!

Submeter and Data Collection

Remote data collection for large buildings and campuses is inevitable. Modhoppers are a perfect tool to easily and reliably pull that data to a centralized location. When paired with a submeter, these solutions become a cost effective, drop in ready, go-to for any project.

BAS BACnet IP Data Collection

Buildings are filled with all sorts of disparate data types and system needs. The A8810 is the perfect tool to translate modbus and sensor data to BACnet for easy BAS collection, but almost more importantly, the A8810 will collect any BACnet IP data point and distribute it to four different upload locations. Great for energy management, tenant billing, or any other secondary application beyond the BAS where security is a top priority.

Building Manager Online

Building Manager Online (BMO) web-based software provides the Measurement & Verification (M&V) tools necessary to get the most out of your submetering system.

Submetering solutions

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