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Power Solutions for Data Centers

V-0-Max Application in Data Center

At Leviton, we understand the importance of keeping power up and running no matter the setting. Data centers have unique requirements, and unplanned downtime simply is not an option. You can count on our electrical wiring devices to ensure that your data center infrastructure is safe. We serve all types of customers, including telecom providers, Fortune 100 e-commerce companies, universities and high-security government installations.

Blue Receptacles

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems provide continuous, high quality electrical power to data centers and provide facility-wide protection for sensitive electronics. It is important to identify those receptacles that are protected by the UPS so that mission critical equipment gets properly connected to the UPS system. Blue has become the standard identification for such receptacles.

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Blue Commercial Grade Power Receptacles
V-0-Max Locking Receptacle Grouping

V-0-Max Receptacles

V-0-Max Locking Receptacles combine advanced design, the finest component materials and extensive laboratory testing to deliver unparalleled reliability for supplying power to critical infrastructure - the racks and cabinets.

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Isolated Ground Receptacles

For extremely sensitive equipment within the data center, isolated ground receptacles provide a “clean” equipment ground path to prevent interference from the building ground.

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Isolated Ground Receptacle Grouping
Surge Protective Receptacles

Surge Protected Receptacles

Leviton’s surge protective devices can be used individually or as part of a coordinated application strategy, protecting sensitive electronic equipment from damaging voltage transients.

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IEC 60309-1 and -2 Pin & Sleeve Devices

LEV Series pin & sleeve plugs and connectors are designed to simplify installation, endure harsh environments and improve safety and productivity while providing durable electrical power connections. Devices with Inform Technology offer visual power indication, increasing facility safety and enabling faster troubleshooting when there is a power problem with connected equipment.

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LEV Series Pin and Sleeve
Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Servers, storage, and networking equipment can only perform as well as the power that drives them.  Our Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide robust, reliable power to rack and cabinet equipment.  Choose from a variety of horizontal and vertical-rack mounted units, available with and without surge protection.

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Wire Mesh Safety Grips

Built tough to provide the strength, reliability and gripping force required for demanding industrial environments. Wire mesh safety grips distribute stress over a large area so they can securely hold, pull or support the wire, rope, tubing or fiber optic cable to which they are applied.

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Wire Mesh Grips and Strain Relief
ARCAT Building Specifications Full Color Logo

Leviton’s electrical wiring devices are available in ARCAT’s construction specifications. These specifications are complete CSI 3-part and Canadian CSC architectural specs that can easily be downloaded, customized for your project, and included in your master spec for future use. Offering BIM objects, specifications, and the SpecWizard tool, ARCAT is your complete source for finding, selecting, detailing and specifying building projects.

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