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Leviton Introduces High Density Solution for Data Center and Enterprise Networks

Cat 6A High-Flex Patch Cords part of ongoing Leviton innovation in small-diameter options, enhances end-to-end Cat 6A cabling systems

Bothell, WA, May 13, 2020 – Leviton today announced new Cat 6A High-Flex Patch Cords, building on more than a decade of innovation in small-diameter ultra-flexible patch cords and further enhancing its end-to-end Cat 6A cabling systems. As data center staff work to maintain and increase network performance, they also need to increase density and reduce energy requirements. Similarly, enterprise IT directors need to balance higher bandwidth requirements with day-to-day challenges such as reducing clutter and accommodating connections in tighter spaces at office furniture, WAPs and other PoE-enabled devices. With new Cat 6A High-Flex component-rated patch cords as part of a complete end-to-end Cat 6A system, Leviton addresses both network performance needs and space requirements of network managers around the world.

“Leviton has a long history of innovation with high-flex patch cords,” said Kirk Krahn, senior product manager for Leviton Network Solutions. “We first introduced small-diameter 28-gauge patch cords more than 10 years ago for Cat 5e and Cat 6 applications and have expanded and enhanced the offering over the years. Now, the new Cat 6A solution gives network managers addressing emerging applications such as wireless, smart building technologies and PoE the same flexibility with improved bend radius while supporting higher data rates up to 10 Gb/s.”

Features of the new Leviton Cat 6A High-Flex Patch cords include:

  • Less space required for bend radius – The low-profile plug and boot reduces the amount of space required in applications with limited depth behind wireless access points (WAPs), back boxes and furniture plates.
  • Increased flexibility eases installations and maintenance – The 28 AWG construction makes the cable easier to manage and maneuver during installation, as well as moves, adds and changes in patching environments.
  • Better airflow to improve performance and reduce cooling costs – The small outside diameter of 0.185" reduces cable bulk in cable managers, pathways, racks and cabinets. This also increases airflow which helps reduce cooling costs.
  • Availability around the world for consistent networks in multiple regions – Leviton Cat 6A High-Flex Patch cords are dual-rated Low Smoke Zero Halogen and CM applications, making them a single solution in all regions around the world.
  • Fast availability of a wide range of lengths and colors – Leviton Cat 6A High-Flex Patch Cords are available in seven colors, with stocked lengths from 1-20 feet for immediate shipment and quick-turn make to order (MTO) lengths up to 50 feet available.
  • Versatile for different installation types – The metal wrap on the patch cord plug enables the same cord to work for both shielded and UTP channels.

Leviton Cat 6A High-Flex Patch Cords are available through the company's extensive distribution network. For more information, visit www.Leviton.com/copper.


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