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Leviton Announces Berk-Tek Brand Transition

Leviton acquired Berk-Tek in 2020, will transition the brand to Leviton in 2024

Bothell, WA, December 7, 2023 – Today Leviton announced it will transition the US cable brand Berk-Tek, a Leviton Company, to Leviton in 2024. Leviton acquired Berk-Tek in September 2020. When combined with previous acquisitions, Leviton now has a unique global manufacturing footprint providing its customers with end-to-end copper and fiber cabling systems.

“The acquisition of Berk-Tek in 2020 into the Leviton family has enabled us to strengthen our portfolio of industry-leading products that our customers all over the globe expect,” said Ross Goldman, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Leviton Network Solutions. Goldman also serves as the company's Chief Sustainability Officer. “The legacy of the Berk-Tek brand is now an integral part of Leviton Network Solutions’ commitment to build what’s next to connect everyday spaces.”

Since its founding in 1961, Berk-Tek grew to be a top-tier cabling provider in the North American structured cabling market. The company’s New Holland, Pennsylvania, facility has expanded several times and is one of the largest dedicated four-pair cabling manufacturing facilities in the country. Leviton also has a dedicated optical fiber cable manufacturing facility in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, that is currently undergoing a significant expansion due to surging customer demand. The fiber facility doubles in size when the expansion is completed in Q3 2024.

"Berk-Tek built an outstanding reputation in North America for high-quality, high-performance communication cables and excellent customer service over the last six decades,” said Senior Director of Global Copper Cables Todd Harpel. “Now that we can offer customers complete end-to-end MILLENNIUM™ global copper systems, it only makes sense for us to integrate under the global Leviton brand.

Brooke Ford, Director of Fiber Product Management, said, “Berk-Tek is a long-trusted provider of high-performance cabling, known for our best-in-class service and quality. As Leviton, we will continue that track record with the global OPT-X™ end-to-end fiber systems for our customers.”

There are no changes to product part numbers or to the products themselves. The transition to Leviton is expected to take twelve months as product packaging migrates. During this time, there may be a mix of branding on packaging, labels and/or digital collateral. While the brand of Berk-Tek, a Leviton Company, is changing, the high-quality products, excellent performance and outstanding warranty remain.

Learn more about MILLENNIUM™ systems, or learn more about OPT-X™ fiber systems.


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