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HDX Engage

OPT-X™ Global Fiber Optic System

OPT-X HDX Engage Global Fiber System

Leviton's Engage fiber performance enables optical reach beyond industry standards and supports the most common application designs. The high- and ultra-high density HDX connectivity platform allows for open and closed patching, accepts Base12 configurations, and supports high-speed connections such as 400 Gb/s. OPT-X fiber optic systems are global solutions available everywhere.

  • Flexible deployment options: The OPT-X HDX patching platform includes panels, enclosures, distribution frames, and zero-RU options, creating a consistent patching form factor from the entrance facility or MDA to the telecommunications room or network edge.
  • High performing optical channels: Enhanced low-loss optical performance in Engage trunks, array patch cords, and cassettes extend channels beyond industry standard specifications.
  • Cost-effective solution for typical networks: Offers the best value for the most common network architectures with 2 to 6 connection points in the channel.
  • Manageable density: the HDX platform includes integrated patch cord and cable management, customizable port ID options, and easy one-hand installation of adapter plates and cassettes.

OPT-X Engage pre-terminated trunks, array patch cords, and cassettes offer low-loss connectivity and high performing solutions beyond industry standards. Performance assurance and extended distance calculations are available through extensive testing and analysis with the Leviton Optical Link Verification Tool.

HDX Platform

  • HDX enclosures and panels offer manageable density at 96 fibers per RU (using LC), while ultra-high-density UHDX enclosures support up to 144 fibers per RU.
  • HDX Enclosures and Panels accept HDX adapter plates, cassettes, and splice modules
  • The HDX Fiber Distribution Frame is a main cross-connect or interconnect patching frame for all fiber channels in the data center, with capacity for more than 3,168 LC fibers, or 15,552 fibers using 24-fiber MTP® connections.

OPT-X™ HDX Fiber Cassettes & Adapter Plates

  • Easy one-hand installation and removal
  • Ultra-low loss Base8, Base12, and Base24 MTP connectors
  • Leviton-patented IP5x-rated internal shutters on LC adapters eliminate need for dust plugs

Duplex Patch Cords

  • Cable jacket and boots are color-coded for easy ID of fiber
  • 100% tested for insertion loss and single-mode for return loss

OPT-X™ Engage Low Loss MTP® Array Cords

  • Designed to cross connect from structured cabling directly into active equipment with an MPO/MTP transceiver interface
  • Offer low-loss performance to support longer distances while staying within IEEE low-loss limits
  • MTP connectors in 8 or 12 fibers for maximum network design flexibility

OPT-X™ Engage SJX Low-Loss Fiber Trunks

  • Factory-terminated and tested MTP® trunk cable assemblies feature low-loss connectors to support longer distances while staying within IEEE low-loss limits
  • Up to 144-fiber options, with terminations available in Base8 and Base12 configurations
  • Available in plenum and riser/LSZH CPR cable ratings