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E2X Unity

OPT-X™ Global Fiber Optic System

OPT-X E2X Unity Global Fiber System

The Leviton e2XHD high density patching platform works with pre-terminated fiber and copper cable, and supports network migration to 400 Gb/s and beyond. The e2X Unity system accepts Base8, 12, and 24 configurations for applications requiring extended distances and multiple connection points between active devices. OPT-X fiber systems are global solutions available everywhere.

  • High-Density Open Patching: Rear access and installation of the cassettes, cabling, and cable management provides faster day-one installation and maintenance for moves, adds, and changes with an efficient open patching design.
  • Multiple Connection Points: Ultra-low-loss OPT-X Unity connectivity helps manage your power budget while allowing for multiple connection points, even greater than four, in the end-to-end channel.
  • Extended Distances: High performance cable and OPT-X Unity connectivity enable extended distances, offering greater flexibility in network architectures and opportunities to optimize network cost.
  • Multimedia Connections: Flat and angled e2XHD panels allow a mix-and-match of Leviton fiber and copper snap-in cassettes for optical and management network interfaces.

The OPT-X Unity solution of trunks, array patch cords, and cassettes exceed industry standards, offering superior channel performance, extended distances, and easy migration to 40, 100, 200, 400 Gb/s, and beyond. Performance assurance and extended distance calculations are available through extensive testing and analysis with the Leviton Optical Link Verification Tool.

e2XHD Patching Platform

  • e2XHD flat and angled panels accommodate up to 96 LC fibers for 48 ports in 1RU
  • Panels accept e2XHD cassettes, passthrough modules and blanks
  • Cassettes allow for easy one-hand installation and removal from the rear of the panel

Duplex Patch Cords

  • Leviton-patented LC Unibody connector with SPECTRO-LINK™ Technology includes reversible polarity feature, allowing polarity changes in the field without moving or twisting fiber
  • Cable jacket color-coded for easy ID of fiber
  • 100% tested for insertion loss and return loss
  • Patch cord design is ideal for high-density applications

OPT-X™ Unity Array Patch Cords

  • Designed to cross connect from structured cabling directly into active equipment with an MPO/MTP transceiver interface
  • Ultra-low-loss MTP connectors in 8, 12, and 24 fibers for maximum network design flexibility
  • Array patch cords offer migration path to 40, 100, 200, and 400 Gb/s

OPT-X™ Unity SJX Ultra-Low-Loss Fiber Trunks

  • Factory-terminated and tested MTP® trunk cable assemblies feature low-loss connectors to support longer distances while staying within IEEE low-loss limits
  • Up to 144-fiber options, with terminations available in Base8 and Base12 configurations
  • Available in plenum and riser/LSZH CPR cable ratings