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Anti-Bribery and Corruption Compliance

Corporate Tax Evasion

Honesty, integrity, fairness and trust sit at the heart of Leviton Core Values.

Leviton is committed to conducting business to the highest ethical standards at all times in every area where we operate.  Leviton will not tolerate corruption or bribery in any activity undertaken by our employees or those of our partners, suppliers and agents.

Leviton has a comprehensive Code of Conduct, Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy that ensures:

  1. Our business dealings with all parties are open and honest, free from influence or obligation from gifts, payments or favors.
  2. No employee will ever give or accept a payment in any form in connection with any business activity.
  3. Clear rules exist regarding the value of gifts or entertainment that may be given or accepted in the normal course of proper business.
  4. All appropriate employees are trained, assessed and sign the Company's code of conduct, bribery and anti-corruption policy.
  5. A board level director is allocated to the role of compliance officer, able to advise employees on any questions or concerns.
  6. Management processes and monitors exist to assure compliance with applicable internal policies, laws and regulations.