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Tight Buffered Cable


Tight Buffered Cable

Leviton tight buffered cables are constructed around a standard 900 micron tight buffered cable fiber, which provides excellent performance and the ability to directly terminate. Premises distribution cables (PDC) are available with up to 24 fibers and are designed for use in building backbone applications. They can be installed in cable conduits by pulling as well as in roof or floor voids.

Breakout and patch cables are based on our standard 900 micron buffer, but with the extra individual protection of high performance strength members and an individual sheath. The result is a robust and flexible cable.

All Leviton tight buffered cables have a low-smoke halogen-free (LSHF/LSZH) sheath to ensure safety in indoor applications.

Leviton adheres to the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) guidance provided by Europacable. Their recommendations can be found at: www.europacable.eu/cpr.  For all solid conductor copper and fiber solutions manufactured by Leviton, the CPR classification only for the cable products in LSHF/LSZH cable assemblies intended to be permanently fixed within a building is provided on the product label.

Premise Distribution Cable (PDC)
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