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Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Cable, Cordsets, and Connectors

Industrial Ethernet solutions from Leviton provide reliable, worry-free performance in a range of harsh and industrial installations. From bulk cable to cordsets to field installable connectors, our Industrial Ethernet products provide reliable, uninterrupted connection to optimize performance and maximize uptime.


Leviton offers Industrial Ethernet cables suitable for a range of industrial and harsh environments. Whether you need light-duty cables to connect your enterprise and industrial spaces, medium-duty cables for PLCs and other control devices, or heavy-duty cables that need to withstand harsh conditions or repetitive motion, Leviton has you covered.

Zone A - Light Duty

Light Duty Industrial Ethernet cables are typically installed to be the link between the office and the industrial environment. These Category 6A, Category 6 or Category 5e cables are typically installed in a ceiling tray, do not come into contact with machinery or harsh conditions, and are used to connect devices such as access controls, IP cameras and wireless access points.

Zone B - Medium Duty

Medium Duty cables are recommended for environments where they could be exposed to variable temperatures, electrical noise, and dust. Leviton's Medium Duty Industrial Ethernet cables are available with Category 6A, Category 6, and Category 5e standards, and are typically used to connects PLCs, Switches, HMIs, PC-based controllers, and other factory devices.

Zone C - Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Industrial Ethernet cables are recommended for the harshest areas of the industrial environment, where cables are exposed to repetitive motion, extreme temperatures, oil, dust, and humidity. These cables are typically used to connect motors, robotics, tanks, valves, and process automation equipment.


LANMARK Industrial Ethernet cables can be sold as cordsets in various configurations and lengths upon request.

LANMARK Field Installable Connectors

 Industrial Ethernet field-installable plug kits from Leviton are optimized for LANMARK Industrial Ethernet cables based on diameter, wire size, and application performance.