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Inform™ Technology FAQs

IEC 60309 Pin & Sleeve Devoces

  • The Leviton Inform app provides remote monitoring of Leviton devices that feature Inform Technology. Information such as intelligent voltage level sensing, liquid accumulation, ground continuity, enclosure temperature and more. The actual information available will vary by device.
  • Email alerts notify users when there are abnormal operating conditions
  • The app also allows the user the ability to monitor all installed devices from a single dashboard, access to data sheets, and ability to update firmware OTA (over-the-air).
  • For the LEV Series Mechanical Interlocks with Inform Technology, the app allows remote monitoring of the following information:
    • Phase voltage indication – shows individual phase voltage on the line and load side of the switch, and will indicate when there are abnormal voltage conditions on any switch terminal
    • Ground continuity monitoring
    • Liquid accumulation detection inside the enclosure
    • Temperature and humidity levels inside the enclosure

No. The Inform app is strictly for remote monitoring, not operating.

The Leviton Inform mobile app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Yes, it can be found at inform.leviton.com.

The Inform app is a freemium product. Basic monitoring is free of charge. Enhanced features, such as data storage, export, and reporting tools will be subscription based.

There is no limit.

See Inform App Users Guide found on Leviton.com.

For devices with remote monitoring you can turn on Email notifications in the app.

There is no limit.

The organization’s administrator will need to invite users to gain access to monitoring devices. The administrator can also revoke access for individuals who no longer need monitoring capabilities.

Yes, the organization’s administrator can grant (or revoke) access to any user. There are multiple user profiles that can limit what feature set is available to individual users.


The organization name is contained in the email message.

 = fault; requires immediate attention

 = warning; device is still functioning, but an abnormal operating condition  exists that requires attention

 = device is operating normally; power is flowing

 = device is operating normally; power is not flowing (switch off)

An indicator on the device detail page of each device will alert you when a firmware update is available.

Yes, the device will continue to operate but you will lose remote monitoring capabilities.

You will see a signal strength indicator on the device status tab. If the device is not communicating with the Inform app, it will say “Not Connected”.

The Inform app is linked to the Leviton website (Leviton.com); any issues with images or documents loading mean there is an issue or update to the website. Please log out, then log back in. If the problem persists, contact us at inform@leviton.com.

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