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Submetering Self-Service

Meet Submetering Code Requirements

Meet Energy Code Requirements with VerifEye™ Submetering Solutions

Commercial and state energy codes now require measurement devices in new buildings to monitor, record, and report energy usage. VerifEye Submetering offers the products, tools, and software to meet these requirements.

Energy Monitoring Requirements

ASHRAE 90.1 2013/2016/20192021 IECC
  • Electrical energy devices are required in new buildings to monitor a variety of applications
  • Energy usage data must be recorded a minimum of every 15 minutes and reported at least hourly, daily, monthly, and annually
  • Energy use data shall be transmitted to the digital control system and graphically displayed
  • Energy monitoring is required for new buildings 25,000sf and larger
  • Measurement devices must be installed in new buildings to separately monitor energy use in a variety of applications
  • Specific requirements for metering equipment, data acquisition, and graphical energy reports

What Does a Submetering System Look Like?

Submetering is all about collecting energy data.

Submetering Solutions

A full line of single point and high-density meters to meet detailed branch circuit monitoring requirements for code applications.

Data Collection

Flexible, open protocol, data acquisition platform to collect and organize data in the specific interval requirements as dictated by code.

Reporting Software

Easy to use, low-cost software tools designed for end use energy data aggregation, storage, and reporting mechanisms highlighted by codes.

What Components Do I Need?

Series 7100 Meter

  • Cost-effective solution for electrical load management
  • Ideal for high density, branch circuit monitoring applications in both new construction and retrofit applications
  • Monitors up to 48 branch circuits with one single meter board
Series 7100 submeters
A8810 submetering energy monitoring hub

A8810 Energy Monitoring Hub

  • Collects energy data from meters and environmental sensors through Modbus protocol
  • Connects to IP-based applications such as enterprise energy management, demand response, and smart grid programs
  • Compatible with nearly any front-end software platform allowing customers to use a variety of reporting tool

Building Manager Online (BMO) Base Module

  • Summarize energy information to identify consumption and demand patterns in defined time intervals
  • Allows end users to plot charts and view data quickly without any custom software installed on a PC
  • Create virtual meters to easily report on aggregated end use energy loads
Building Manager Online BMO | submeter software


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