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Article: REVCO Success Story

Revco EV
Long Island is going green! Leviton and REVCO Lighting + Electrical Supply, two Long Island based companies, have partnered to create a more sustainable world. Leviton is now providing EV Series chargers to three REVCO locations: Southold, Southampton, and Riverhead.

REVCO has been serving the industry since 1978. Today, REVCO has six locations, with their corporate office located in Southampton, New York. It has always been the primary goal of the company to provide its customers with safe, reliable energy. This is what caused them to team up with Leviton, another company that is committed to creating sustainable energy.

EV Chargers help make the world more sustainable in many ways. EV charging stations can help to reduce air pollution by limiting the amount of gasoline or diesel fuel used to power vehicles. Additionally, EV charging stations can help to minimize energy consumption, as they are typically more efficient than traditional gasoline or diesel fuel powered vehicles.

Each REVCO location will now be equipped with Leviton EV Chargers for customer use. In addition to advancing environmental sustainability, the installation of Leviton EV Chargers at every REVCO location offers a new level of convenience for customers. Commuters now have the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles while conducting their daily activities. This convenience eliminates the need for separate stops at charging stations and enhances the overall customer experience. With Leviton's reliable charging technology, customers can seamlessly charge their EVs, saving time and simplifying their busy schedules.

One key customer that has been powered through Leviton and REVCO is Sparkling Pointe Winery, located in Southold. Beyond the beautiful rows of vineyards and alluring tasting area of Sparkling Pointe lies their industrial processing area, critical to their business to produce and bottle their wine. With the aid of Leviton, Sparkling Pointe has been able to improve electrical safety in their processing area and enhance overall operations with Leviton’s LEV Series Mechanical Interlocks. The latest addition to the facility has been the installation of Leviton EV Chargers. Not only has Leviton created a safer/cleaner workspace, but also the environment around them. The benefits electric vehicles have on the environment are drastic, ultimately creating cleaner conditions for everyone. Installing EV Chargers at these locations reinforces the commitment to creating a more eco-friendly world. These EV Charging stations have been preparing customers for the road ahead, providing convenient access to charge at any time.

Optimizing Installation with Leviton Mounting Pedestals:

Alongside Leviton EV Chargers, REVCO also implemented mounting pedestals, which revolutionized their installation process. These pedestals offer numerous benefits, including reduced installation costs, space optimization, and time-saving efficiency. These versatile mounting solutions have allowed REVCO to install their chargers in the most efficient way possible, maximizing the use of available space while providing a clean and organized charging environment. Leviton EV Chargers fit seamlessly into any commercial application, giving them the most sleek and reliable EV power available.

It is the commitment to sustainability by companies such as Leviton and REVCO that will truly make a difference in our world. Leviton has been a pioneer in this space, supporting customers with all needs EV related. As the EV industry continues to grow so does Leviton’s goal to facilitate a world filled with sustainable energy.

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