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Article: EV-Pro - Custom Electric Success Story

EV Pedestals

EV-Pro Certified Installer - Custom Electrical Service

Custom Electrical Service - Burbank, IL

Proud Leviton EV-Pro member- Custom Electrical Service, recently installed ten dual mounted EV Charging Stations. Leviton’s EV-Pro Program makes it easier than ever to become a licensed EV installer, supporting Leviton’s commitment to contractors and mission in creating a more sustainable world.

Custom Electrical Service is a family owned and operated electrical contractor specializing in Commercial and Industrial applications, including high voltage, data, and fire alarms. Being a trusted company for years, they have taken pride in giving customers the safest and most reliable service in the area. This is what caused them to turn to Leviton’s EV- Pro Program when demand for EV charging solutions increased, allowing them to become the best equipped certified EV installers.

Through Leviton’s EV-Pro course, Custom Electrical Service installers were given training covering everything they need to know related to EV Charging, with courses that took the installers from site assessment all the way through power-up and pinpointing. Through the EV-Pro training, electricians on the team learned important NEC codes for Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment, how to properly conduct a site assessment, and the most trusted ways of testing and troubleshooting EV chargers. Participants of the training gained all the information needed to install EV charging stations efficiently and accurately, ultimately becoming their very own EV-Pro.

Custom Electrical Service recently installed ten Leviton electric vehicle charging stations at a commercial location in Woodridge, IL. After receiving an inquiry from a customer, they immediately turned to the brand they know and trust, Leviton. With the help of Ryan Sypniewski, Leviton construction and technical sales specialist, they were able to enroll in our EV-Pro program. They were able to install Leviton chargers with ease, thanks to our pre-attached input cable and included mounting hardware. Because the location had side-by-side parking spots, this installation called for five dual mount pedestals with retractable cord management. With cord management and dual mount pedestals, the location has the most efficient installation.

Another key feature of this installation was the ability to connect these chargers to an RFID reader. Custom Electrical Service simply mounted the card readers to the side of the pedestals and installed a relay control cabinet. This gives the customer the ability to control who and when people use these chargers. Not only does it protect who has access to these chargers, but they can also monitor usage.

Overall, this is just one of many success stories from Leviton’s EV-Pro program. With the proper training anyone can become a certified installer. Custom Electrical Service is a valued partner of Leviton as they continue to push the advancement of EV chargers across the nation. It is strong partnerships and satisfied customers such as this one that will make the world more sustainable, one charger at a time.

More about the Leviton EV-Pro Contractor Certification Program:

It is no secret that electric vehicles are the future of transportation. A combination of government rebates & incentives, an increase in environmental concerns, and the rise in affordability of EVs means that demand for station installations will continue to increase. With the constant innovation found within this field, it is important to stay up to date with the latest information. It has been the goal of Leviton to stay committed to educating/helping electrical contractors across the nation. With the growth of chargers found across all aspects of life from commercial buildings to residential homes, the need for certified installers has never been greater.

Installation of EV charging equipment is not the same as typical electrical work. There are specific National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements regarding the installation of an EV charger that an installer needs to be familiar with. The electric vehicle charging section of the NEC code covers issues such as wiring regulations, ventilation requirements, and cord requirements for EV charging systems. Failure to understand changes in code requirements may result in potential dangers down the road. Even the most experienced electricians may not be aware of the technical, code, or electrical requirements associated with EV chargers. Therefore, pushing the need for certified installers.

This is why Leviton created the EV-Pro program, to educate and stay committed to aiding contractors across the nation.

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