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Electric Vehicle Glossary

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An EV that does not have a combustion engine at all, rather it relies solely on a battery system and must be plugged into a charging source to replenish the charge.

The Electric Vehicle Charger is on a free-standing post, not mounted to a wall. 

A safety device that will disable utility power to your electric vehicle charger in the event that a loss of isolation is detected.

The connecter and mating vehicle receptacle that connects the electric charging source to the electric vehicle

While not formally defined, commonly known as fast or rapid charging and requires high levels of voltage and current to replenish more than half of an EV's battery capacity in as quickly as ten minutes

An independent, non-profit company performing research, development and demonstration in the electricity sector for the benefit of the public

A vehicle that is propelled by a motor powered by electrical energy from rechargeable batteries or another power source onboard the vehicle

The "charging" equipment used to maintain a charge on EV battery systems

An EV that combines an internal combustion engine with an electric propulsion system. The charge on the batteries is maintained through regenerative energy from braking and from other onboard power sources (such as an internal combustion engine)

The North American (and Japanese) adopted SAE standard for the design of the Charge Coupler (a pin and sleeve device)

Any motor vehicle that can be recharged from an external source of electricity. The electricity is stored in rechargeable battery packs and either drives or contributes to driving the wheels

An HEV that incorporates a separate battery system where the charge is maintained by plugging into an external power source

Can fully charge an all-electric vehicle in about 18 hours. A plug-in hybrid may charge to capacity in as little as six hours depending on the capacity of the battery pack. Charging time varies, depending on the vehicle

Wiring & power requirements are similar to what is required for an electric range or a clothing dryer circuit, and is well suited for more quickly-charging PEVs. Charging time is approximately three to eight hours, depending on vehicle type

A non-profit educational and scientific organization dedicated to advancing mobility technology

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