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Network Design Assistance for Health Care Professionals

With service and support from initial planning through post-installation, we have you covered at every point in the life of your network infrastructure.
  • Technical Support
    Our Technical Service Reps can assist with installation and network troubleshooting, whether over the phone or through our online live chat. More than 90% of tech support issues are resolved on the first call.

    Call 800.824.3005 / +1.425.486.2222


  • Specifications Support
    Leviton's U.S. team of field-experienced specification engineers will work with you from initial design ideas to move-in, ensuring that your equipment will provide optimal performance in each installation. They'll analyze for accuracy, functionality, and compliance with TIA 1179 and other healthcare IT standards. If you need help explaining the merits of one technology choice over another to your customer, they can help with that too.

    Call 1.855.695.3848 or find a local spec engineer in your area.


  • Infrastructure Design
    Leviton has infrastructure experts to help with everything from day-to-day challenges to long-term planning. Our designers and engineers have extensive experience with the latest network topologies and transmission methods. Many of them are active members on standards bodies that define future network technology, including TIA 42.7 for 40GbE copper and IEEE 802.3bm for next generation 40/100GbE optical fiber in data centers.

    Call 800.824.3005 / +1.425.486.2222


  • Global Reach
    Whether you're in California, Mumbai, Dubai, Alberta, or Colombia, you'll get the same quality and service, our team of Global Account Managers will work with customer service to deliver the products and support you need.

    Call +1.425.486.2222 or email