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Temporary Power Safety Solutions

Temporary Power Distribution

While the requirements for safely distributing power at construction sites, street fairs, carnivals, convention centers, and the like attempt to mimic those for permanent installations, the manner in which that is achieved is somewhat different. One of the more common violations cited by OSHA is the improper use of conventional outlet boxes for temporary power applications. It is NOT acceptable to simply use wall boxes with cover plates in these application's. OSHA and the NFPA are clear in this regard.

Codes & Standards

The rules covering temporary power applications are rather extensive and detailed. A condensed version of the rules appears below.

OSHA 1910 Subpart S and 1926 Subpart K:

  • All components must be approved for the purpose [1910.303(a) and 1926.403(a)].
  • Must be marked appropriately [1910.303(e) and 1926.405(g)(2)(iv)].
  • Boxing intended for use in a permanent installation may not be used [1910.303(b)(1)(i) and 1926.403(b)(1)(i))].
  • Cords must be connected to devices and fittings so as to provide strain relief [1910.305(g)(2) (iii) and 1926.405(g)(2)(iv)]
  • Cords passing through holes in enclosures must be protected by bushings or fittings designed for the purpose. Fittings designed to fasten cables to metal wall boxes are not acceptable [1926.405(g)(2)(v)]

2017 NFPA 70 Article 590 – Temporary Installations:

  • Flexible cords and cables entering enclosures containing devices requiring termination shall be secured to the box with fittings listed for connecting flexible cords and cables to boxes designed for the purpose [590.4(I)]
Bad Electrical Cords

Leviton Solutions

These devices and components will help you meet the provisions specified by OSHA and the NEC.

Portable Outlet Boxes

  • Constructed of a high-performance UL Listed TPV for superior durability
  • Crush resistant to 2500 lbs. as per UL 514C
  • Single and two-gang sizes
  • Feed-thru and pendant style
  • Variable adjust strain relief provides superior protection throughout entire range of cable diameters
Portable Outlet Boxes Grouping
Portable Outlet Covers Grouping

Portable Outlet Box Cover Plates

  • Polycarbonate construction is extremely durable and impact resistant
  • Wide array of cover options is available – in standard and flip lid versions
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel spring-loaded flip lids provide Type 3R protection (when not in use)

Wire Mesh Strain Relief

  • Replaces standard strain relief
  • Available in multiple cable diameter ranges
  • ½” NPT - .31” – .63”
  • 1” NPT - .56” – 1”
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Long neck body style for improved grip

Wire Mesh and Portable Outlet Boxes