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Electrical Work in Entertainment

Safe & Enjoyable Entertainment Experiences

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Inadequate temporary wiring, use of faulty equipment, or a failure to take the proper precautions to protect the wiring and equipment being installed are just a few of the electrical hazards that might be found at some temporary entertainment venues. Some fairs and festivals are in areas where there aren’t any electrical inspections, so proper planning and execution may be overlooked.

Below are few tips to ensure temporary entertainment venues follow electrical safety procedures:

Lockout Equipment

  • As far as practicable, locate all electrical equipment so that members of the public or unauthorized workers cannot touch it.
  • Service equipment must not be accessible to unqualified persons, unless the equipment is lockable [525.10(A)]. See the Article 100 definition of “Accessible” as it relates to equipment and service equipment. This is another easy inspection point — also check to see that this equipment is actually locked.

Warnings & Planning

  • Display danger warning signs around the intake or enclosure.
  • Generator enclosures should be accessible for normal operations or emergencies, but segregated from public areas of the venue.

Proper Equipment

  • Entertainment settings with high-traffic areas require safe and durable power connections that will hold up to the elements. Using electrical devices that are rated for outdoor use is imperative if the equipment will be exposed to weather or other corrosive influences.
  • To prevent danger, construct or protect electrical equipment that could be exposed to rain or other adverse conditions with suitable and sufficient covers, enclosures or shelters. 

Inspection & Testing

As a general guide your user check should include a visual inspection of the equipment, preferably before using it at a new location or alternatively when it is taken out of service for storage. If there is damage to any electrical part it should be taken out of service, replaced or repaired.

General visual inspections include checking for:

  1. Cuts, splits and crush damage in cable
  2. Broken housing, grommets and properly clamped cable on plugs and connectors
  3. General condition or loose parts on all electrical devices

From portable outlet boxes and power distribution boxes to single pole cam-type connectors and stage pin devices, we can deliver the power you need, when and where you need it.


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