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Leviton Launches New LC Unibody Fiber Connector with Spectro-Link™ Technology, Developed from Customer Feedback

Designed for ultra-high density and data center applications

Bothell, WA, March 8, 2021 – Leviton today unveiled a new LC Unibody Fiber Connector engineered with Spectro-Link™ Technology, enhancing its offering of fiber trunks, harnesses and patch cords. This new technology will enable data center operators and enterprise network managers to better perform in higher density, extended reach environments, with an increasing number of physical connections.

The innovative LC Unibody Fiber Connector with Spectro-Link Technology was developed from customer feedback specifically to address industry challenges and incorporates several patents as part of the Spectro-Link Technology. These new features include ultra-low loss performance, precise insertion and removal, simple and safe polarity changes that does not twist the fiber, and a low-profile design that is extremely easy to access.

"Challenging environments can complicate network manageability, making it harder to track fiber polarity and meet IEEE link loss limits – the new Unibody LC Connector makes fiber network installation and moves, adds and changes (MACs) easier, cleaner and higher performing," said Scott Hopper, senior product manager for Leviton Network Solutions. "As servers, routers and switches have increased in bandwidth and density, the patching field has followed suit. This rugged, low-profile Unibody connector is ideal for use in tight spaces and was specifically designed for faster identification, easier removal and insertion in hard-to-see areas while minimizing the impact on surrounding cables."

The LC Unibody Connector with Spectro-Link Technology is available on Leviton fiber trunks, harnesses, and Premium Plus Fiber Patch Cords, offering:

  • Ease of Network Manageability – In ultra-high density patching environments, accessing individual connectors for MACs or channel testing is a challenge. The Leviton LC Unibody Connector with Spectro-Link Technology features a compact, unitized housing with precision parallel alignment of the duplex LC latching bodies with beveled first contact leading edges. This makes it easier to guide the connector into position in dense or dimly lit environments on the first attempt. Its push-pull grip makes installation, removal and MAC work easy and removes risk of disturbing surrounding connectors.  
  • Better Performing Channels – Multiple patented innovations and premium ferrules improve insertion loss performance, offering 0.15 dB per multimode and 0.25 dB per single-mode LC connector. This improved link loss makes it easier to specify, design and maintain extended reach networks.
  • Cleaner for Fast Installation – Dual sealing airtight dust caps offer greater protection by preserving pristine air around the endface from the production test environment. This feature leads to less cleaning and faster installation.
  • Simpler Polarity Changes – Spectro-Link Technology simplifies the steps required to reverse polarity on-site, greatly reducing the potential for fiber damage with no need for tools or fiber exposure. The patented design supports polarity reversal without twisting or moving fibers in seconds. In addition, easy-to-see A-B/A-A polarity indicators show users when a connector has been modified from the factory polarity.
  • Made in the USA Quality – The Leviton precision molded LC Unibody connectors are designed and manufactured by Leviton in the United States to meet our highest quality standards and eliminate lengthy supply chain logistics. This connector meets Buy America and TAA requirements, and Leviton is able to minimize lead times for critical network installations.

The Unibody LC Fiber Connector is the latest example of Leviton's commitment to providing customers with innovative solutions that are developed and manufactured exclusively by Leviton in the USA, while offering quick-ship service.

To learn more about LC Unibody Fiber Connector with Spectro-Link Technology and Leviton’s line of high performing fiber trunks, harnesses and patch cords, visit Leviton.com/spectrolink.


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