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Leviton Expands HDX Fiber Platform with New High-Density Enclosures and Panels

Platform now offers more options for manageable fiber density in data centers

Bothell, WA, August 9, 2021 – Leviton announced the release of several new Opt-X® HDX Rack-Mount Enclosures and Panels, adding more options to its popular HDX cassette-based fiber platform for varying customer architectures. The new enclosures and panels increase fiber port counts by up to 33 percent over standard density enclosures with LC cassettes, providing additional interconnect or cross-connect patching for high density data center networks with manageable density and enhanced labeling.

"For nearly a decade, Leviton's HDX cassette platform has supported data centers and mission critical networks around the globe, and the expanded line gives network managers even more options to align the needs of their network architecture and operational preferences with the fiber density offered in a patch panel," said Brooke Ford, director of fiber product management at Leviton Network Solutions. "The new enclosures and panels accept our full range of compact HDX MTP® cassettes, splice modules and adapter plates."

The HDX enclosures and panels are designed with features that improve network deployment and manageability:

  • Enclosures and panels accept Base8, Base12, and Base24 HDX MTP cassettes, adapter plates and splice modules, preparing networks for migration to 100, 200, and 400 Gb/s and beyond.
  • Four enclosure sizes: Up to 96 fibers (using LC) in a 1RU, 192 fibers in a 2RU, 288 fibers in a 3RU, and 384 fibers in a 4RU using HDX adapter plates, splice modules or MTP® cassettes.
  • Panels feature innovative magnifying lens to increase visibility of port ID labels
  • Additional spacing in front and rear speed installation and provide easier finger access during moves, adds, and changes.
  • Gray powder-coat finish and highly visible port locators on HDX enclosures help easily identify specific ports in both black and white equipment cabinets.

In addition to the new Opt-X HDX Rack-Mount Enclosures and Panels, the same HDX cassette platform can also be used in ultra-high-density UHDX Rack-Mount Enclosures and Panels, the HDX Fiber Distribution Frame, and all standard density Opt-X SDX enclosures and panels when using the the HDX-to-SDX Adapter.

The new HDX Rack-Mount Enclosures and Panels will be available for shipping November 1, 2021.

For more information about the HDX platform, visit Leviton.com/HDX.

MTP® is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.


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