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Leviton Announces Decora Smart Wi-Fi and Decora Smart Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Receptacles

New smart outlets provide built-in control of lights, electronics and small appliances

Las Vegas, NV, Jan 8, 2019 – Leviton, a leading provider of wireless smart home technology and electrical wiring devices, announced today development of two new devices for homeowners to control their lamps, small appliances and other electronics – the Decora Smart Wi-Fi In-Wall Receptacle and the Decora Smart Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Receptacle. The Z-Wave Plus model integrates with compatible Z-Wave automation hubs, gateways and bridges, and the Decora Smart Wi-Fi receptacle will be the newest addition to the Decora Smart Wi-Fi family of lighting controls. 

The smart outlets feature a top outlet that can be controlled and a bottom outlet that is always on for 24/7 power applications – important for clocks, phone chargers and other electrical devices which must remain on. Both Decora Smart Receptacles also include a manual button for local on/off control.

The Leviton Decora Smart Receptacles are perfect for new home builds or can easily replace an existing outlet in any home – simply exchange any standard outlet for the new Leviton Decora Smart Receptacle. The attractive visual aesthetic fits within the familiar Leviton Decora style, especially when used with screwless wallplates. Each receptacle also includes tamper resistant shutters to meet installation code and provide additional protection from electrical shock.

Multiple Decora Smart Receptacles can be installed within the same residence as part of a whole home lighting control system and can provide a variety of control possibilities. For instance, a homeowner can use an app to turn on a fan plugged into the smart outlet in an office while a smart receptacle in a bedroom could provide on/off schedules for a bedside lamp. For new construction, electricians can install a Decora Smart Receptacle in a kitchen to simplify control of a coffee pot or tea kettle, so homeowners have peace of mind that they can turn these appliances off even after they’ve left the house.

“Leviton has long-offered automated in-wall receptacles, so we’re eager to announce a fresh aesthetic featuring Z-Wave Plus for our customers using a Z-Wave hub,” said Tom Morgan, director of product management for Leviton Energy Management, Controls & Automation.

“On the heels of the successful DW15P Mini Plug-In Launch, Leviton is excited to announce the Decora Smart Wi-Fi In-Wall Receptacle for customers looking to build an integrated smart lighting system,” said Aaron Ard, senior director of engineering for Leviton Energy Management, Controls & Automation. “While smart plugs are attractive for their ease of use, in-wall devices offer a built-in smart home solution for homeowners that homebuilders can recommend and their electricians can install.”

Homeowners can create schedules and scenes with the Decora Smart Wi-Fi Receptacle and other Leviton Wi-Fi lighting controls when they are enrolled through the award-winning My Leviton app – no hub required. Simply install the Wi-Fi outlet and connect with the My Leviton app to begin automating devices or to connect with Works with My Leviton partners such as Nest, If This Then That (IFTTT), Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.  

The Decora Smart Wi-Fi Receptacle and the Decora Smart Z-Wave Plus Receptacle are both expected to be available mid-2019.

For more information on Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi and Decora Smart Z-Wave Plus, visit www.leviton.com/CES.

Electrical Contractors may purchase Decora Smart products, including the upcoming smart receptacles, from their Preferred Distributor and Authorized Leviton Retailers.

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