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Leviton Expands Sustainable Packaging Options

New sustainable packaging is recyclable and reduces jobsite waste

Bothell, WA, August 30, 2023 – Leviton announced that its SST Cat 6A UTP cable and tight buffer fiber pigtail kits are now available in sustainable packaging for EMEA customers. The new packaging allows customers to reduce the amount of jobsite waste produced while improving installation efficiency.

Leviton's SST Cat 6A UTP cable has a new, first-ever, pull box packaging option. SST Cat 6A cable is Leviton’s next generation Cat 6A cable, offering superior heat management and noise-cancelling performance in our global MILLENNIUM™ copper systems. The new pull box packaging allows for high-performance SST Cat 6A UTP cable to be easily carried, stacked and pulled.

Advantages of the new pull box:

  • No need for cumbersome reel carts, payoff stands or brakes
  • Boxes are stackable, offering a smaller physical footprint
  • Post-consumer recycled content is used in the production of the corrugated cardboard
  • Pull box packaging is 100% recyclable and reduces jobsite waste

Additionally, Leviton's tight buffer fiber pigtail kits are packaged in plastic-free, 100% paper-based recyclable materials to reduce the use of single-use plastics. The 900-micron tight buffer design allows for faster and more reliable splicing without the need for additional tools or clamps sometimes required when terminating loose buffers.

Both products are included in Leviton's global systems. Leviton’s global fiber and copper systems offer environmentally conscious solutions, including bulk pack options, sustainably smart packaging and other environmentally optimized product designs. These global systems are available through Leviton's extensive distribution network. Learn more: Leviton.com/OPT-X and Leviton.com/MILLENNIUM


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