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Leviton Announces Five New OPT-X™ Global Fiber Connectivity Systems

New global fiber systems include global expansion of OPT-X SJX cable and assemblies

Bothell, WA, February 6, 2023 – Leviton has announced availability of five new OPT-X global fiber optic systems for customers worldwide. These globally available fiber systems broaden Leviton’s ability to service multinational businesses with consistent global performance, support and product offerings. Most importantly, customers around the world can streamline network design and deployments with products that meet multinational specifications.

"We are excited to create truly global, end-to-end, high-performance fiber solutions for our customers," said Dean Lipke, vice president of product management, Leviton Network Solutions. "Leviton is a trusted global partner, and we have introduced these fiber systems to allow customers to simplify and standardize their fiber optic infrastructure designs and achieve optimal network performance and platform consistency across their multi-site, multi-phase projects."

The five globally available OPT-X fiber system options are versatile to meet specific network demands, ensuring migration options for future bandwidth growth:

  • OPT-X HDX UNITY & E2X UNITY Systems: Leviton's premier UNITY fiber cabling systems support applications requiring ultra-low-loss performance, extended distances, and multiple connection points between active devices. UNITY cabling systems are available with the high-density HDX platform, which allows for open and closed patching, or e2XHD panels with snap-in cassettes for quick deployment. Both OPT-X HDX UNITY and OPT-X E2X UNITY systems accept Base8, Base12, and Base24 configurations, and support network migration to 400 Gb/s and beyond.
  • OPT-X HDX ENGAGE & E2X ENGAGE Systems: The ENGAGE enhanced systems offer low-loss connectivity and high performing pre-terminated cable to meet extended reach links and typical network architectures. These systems are also available with HDX and e2XHD patching platforms.
  • OPT-X SDX PREMISES System: The versatile SDX PREMISES System offers a range of enclosure and panel options, with manageable standard density at 72 fibers per rack unit. Ideal for most enterprise and campus deployments, the system includes bulk cable and standard loss connectivity that deliver reliable performance, easy mechanical or spliced field termination, and solutions for simplified MAC work.

As part of the global availability of these fiber systems, the industry-leading OPT-X SJX fiber cable platform used for pre-terminated fiber trunks is now available to customers around the globe. This popular cable construction has been available in the US as SJP cable. It is now also available throughout EMEA as SJZ cable. Leviton OPT-X SJZ cables with 2.0 mm micro buffer tubes are designed to be used in high-density environments and give network managers a variety of options with breakouts in racks, cabinets and cable management. The cable is rated as EuroClass B2ca, s1a d1 a1 for LSZH installations, and OFNR-FT4-ST1 for riser installations. Available in 12 to 144 fiber count constructions, Leviton OPT-X SJZ cable is optimized for use in indoor installations, and is available with single-mode and laser-optimized multimode fibers.

OPT-X SJX trunk cable assemblies are available in two performance levels: OPT-X Unity SJX Trunks for ultra-low-loss performance and OPT-X Engage SJX Trunks for low-loss performance. These offerings can support greater distances and multiple connection points while staying within IEEE low-loss limits.

The OPT-X global systems are available through Leviton’s extensive distribution network. To learn more, visit leviton.com/fiber.


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