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Leviton Announces Availability of Complete Line of Cat 6 and Cat 6A Copper Patch Cords

The launch completes a comprehensive effort to streamline patch cord line, enhancing performance for growing applications

Bothell, WA, February 14, 2023 – Leviton completed improvements to its high-quality copper patch cord portfolio, resulting in an enhanced line of Cat 6A and Cat 6 solutions. All of these cords are equipped with a new compact plug-and-boot design to provide better flexibility, durability and reduced bend radius, while delivering data rates up to 10 Gb/s. These cords will give network managers the solutions they need when addressing applications such as wireless access points, smart building devices and PoE installations.

"These patch cords are a key part of our end-to-end global copper systems, allowing our customers to streamline and standardize their networks all around the globe," said Kirk Krahn, senior product manager at Leviton Network Solutions. "Not only will these cords allow network administrators to deploy devices more easily for Wi-Fi and IoT applications, but the compact plug and boot will allow for easier work in congested spaces."

The new streamlined and enhanced complete Leviton Patch Cord line includes:

  • Cat 6A Small OD High-Flex Patch Cords (part no. H6A10) – dual-rated Low Smoke Zero Halogen and CM for use anywhere in the world
  • Cat 6A Standard Patch Cords (part no. 6AS10)
  • Cat 6A Plenum Patch Cords (part no. 6ASP0)
  • Cat 6 Small OD High-Flex Patch Cords (part no. 6H460) – dual-rated Low Smoke Zero Halogen and CM for use anywhere in the world
  • Cat 6 Standard Patch Cords (part no. 6D460)

As part of Leviton's new MILLENIUM™ copper systems, these patch cords represent a high-quality component in end-to-end copper solutions for networks all over the world, aiding network managers in simplifying network management and deployments.

Leviton Cat 6 and Cat 6A patch cords are available today through Leviton's extensive distribution network. All patch cords are available in seven different colors and in a variety of lengths from 6 inches to 50 feet. Learn more at Leviton.com/compactboot.


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