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Leviton Branding

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Third-Party Branding Guidelines

Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc. (“Leviton”) owns many trademarks, service marks, logos, taglines, trade names and distinctive features (“Leviton Brands”) The Leviton Brands are valuable assets that bear on Leviton’s reputation and must therefore be carefully protected. At the same time we recognize the need of our authorized distributors and resellers to advertise Leviton products with the Leviton Brands. To satisfy both objectives it is imperative that the Leviton Brands be used properly. If not, their value can be diminished and even lost. The same applies if "Leviton Brands" are associated with objectionable material, as determined by Leviton.
To this end, anyone using a Leviton Brand must first receive Leviton's explicit written permission; use them only pursuant to these Guidelines, and for the specific purposes for which Leviton has given permission. In the event of an inconsistency between a written agreement with Leviton that specifically addresses how a Leviton Brand may be used and these guidelines, the written agreement, while in force, will control.
Please read entire EULA Agreement before filling out usage request form.


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