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Girl Scout Partnership

Supporting leadership, success and adventures for girls!

Girl Scout Partnership

Girls can do anything!

The Girl Scouts have partnered with Leviton to educate and empower troops by providing resources to assist them in becoming the ones to make it happen.
The Future is ON, Leviton Patch is now available!
Leviton Badge

Patch Program

To complete the Leviton Patch Program, please fulfill two out of three requirements for your level. Once you have achieved the necessary goals, please contact your chapter. 

Daisies and brownies

Daisies & Brownies

Wallplate Painting

Learn about Electrical Safety

  • Download The Electrical Safety Placemat (PDF). Complete the activities on the placemat and read the Leviton tips for electrical safety. Share what you have learned with others by creating a poster about the subject. At home, complete the Electrical Safety Checklist with your family.

Energy Savers

  • What are some of the different ways that Leviton makes it possible for your family to save energy and money? Does your family already use similar products? With your family, brainstorm the ways that you can team up to save electricity.
Juniors & Cadettes

Juniors & Cadettes

Storm Savers

Get Smart Home Savvy

  • What is a Smart Home? Visit the Smart Home Web Page to learn about the many different ways you can turn your home into a smart home. Which of these options do you think would be most important or useful to your family? Now design your idea of the ultimate smart home. Share your ideas with your troop.

Plug in to a Greener Tomorrow

  • What is a PEV? Any motor vehicle that can be recharged from an external source of electricity. The electricity is stored in rechargeable battery packs and either drives or contributes to driving the wheels. How can using a PEV make a difference in your life and our planet? What products would you need to utilize a PEV? What products would you no longer need? Think about the pros and cons of making this type of change.
Seniors and Ambassadors

Seniors & Ambassadors

Be a Blogger

Career Discovery

  • Go to Careers.Leviton.com. Look at the different jobs available. Explore career opportunities in technology (PDF) or look at careers in finance (PDF). Check out additional resources for career opportunities (PDF).
    What job or career area sounds most interesting to you and why? Were you surprised by how many different types of jobs were available at Leviton? Get the Leviton Career Tip Sheet on networking, presentation and dressing for success. After reading, test your newfound knowledge by grabbing a partner to do a mock interview and exchange feedback.

Leviton Success Stories

  • Leviton has been able to help so many companies and organizations save energy, time and money! Learn more about these amazing makeovers. Read at least one of the case studies listed. What did you find? What surprised you?

Supporting STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: Skills that will help you reach the stars!