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Project of the Week Series

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While spending more time at home, get inspired!

Easy electrical upgrades to make your home safer, smarter and more convenient.

Guidelights & Illuminated Switches
Leviton Guide Lights and Illuminated Switches

This video presents the various models of Leviton Guide Lights and Illuminated Switches. Learn where they can be installed and the many safety benefits they provide throughout the home.

add ambience
Add Ambiance To Your Home with Leviton Decora® Slide Dimmer

This video highlights the exceptional functionality and elegant style of the Leviton Decora® Slide Dimmer. It offers smooth, slide-action, full-range dimming for dimmable Led, dimmable CFL and incandescent bulbs to create ambiance in any room of the home.

Add Color to Your Home with Leviton Renu®

With 20 colors to choose from, see how our interchangeable Leviton Renu collection of faceplates and wallplates can be snapped on and off at any time for a new look, seasonal accents or just because.

Leviton Fan Speed Controls
Leviton Fan Speed Controls

Using Leviton fan controls adds convenience to daily living. Special circuitry reduces fan motor noise at low speed. Choice of low, medium or high fan speeds.

Preset Timers
Automate your lights with a Leviton Timer Switch

Install a Leviton timer switch in your home to automatically turn lights ON and OFF. Set the timer switch to control the front porch lights. Include a Leviton timer switch to control all of your holiday lighting and much more.

Decora Plus
Decora Plus™ Wallplates

This video introduces the contemporary, architectural style of easy to install Decora Plus Screwless Wallplates - a welcome addition to any home.

Let Decora® Add Elegance to Your Home

This video shows how you can enhance your décor with elegance and style by installing Decora outlets, switches, dimmers, USB chargers and more.

Motion/Vacancy Sensors

This video provides an overview of the Leviton line of Motion Sensors for automatic switching of lights when you enter or exit a room.

USB In-Wall Charger Outlets

This video provides an overview of the Leviton line of USB In-Wall Charger Outlets; perfect for powering up smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, e-readers and more.

Help Prevent Electrical Fires with AFCI Protection

This video explains the causes of dangerous arc-faults which can lead to electrical fires and how to help prevent them by installing AFCI outlets in your home.

While-in-Use Covers

This video provides an overview of While-in-Use Covers and how they are used to protect outdoor outlets from the elements.

Upgrade Outlets for a Safer Home

Nothing is more important than your family. See how upgrading standard outlets to tamper-resistant outlets and GFCI outlets can help keep your family safe and protected.

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