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Technical Articles

Commercial Lighting and Controls and Submetering

Network Solutions Literature Library

Lighting Controls

CEC Compliance for Title 20 Approved Products

CN100 Lights at Minimum when Unoccupied

Color Tuning Definition and Benefits

Controlling Wired LED Dimmers from a 0-10V Dimmer

D8000 How to Download and Review D8000 Station Programming

DLC and LED Rebates

Electrical Service Types

Emergency Automatic Transfer Switches and Relays

General Troubleshooting for Wireless Lighting Controls

GreenMAX Programming

GreenMax Relay Control Panels Protection 

GreenMAX DRC Network Security

GreenMAX DRC UL 2043 Plenum Rated Devices

GreenMAX Handheld Display Unit HDU

High Inrush LEDs

Infrared vs App Based Interfaces

Install Tips for Photocells

LevNet RF 3 Way Switch Solution

LevNet RF and Bi-level Lighting Controls

LevNet RF Commissioning the General Receiver

LevNet RF Controlling Fixtures with Multiple Switches

LevNet RF HVAC Applications

LevNet RF Installation for Maximizing Wireless Range

LevNet RF Lighting Timer with Daylight Hold Off

LevNet RF Occupancy Sensor Troubleshooting

LevNet RF Relay Receivers Heating Concerns

LevNet RF Serial Box Switching

LevNet RF Receiver State Changes

LevNet RF State Memory Explanation

LevNet RF Switching a Lighted Sign from an Existing Circuit

LevNet RF Wireless Plug In Receiver Operating Modes

LumaCAN Repeater Power Considerations

LumaEdit HTML Help

Mechanically Held Relays

Occupancy Sensor Configuration Guide

Occupancy Sensor Neutral vs. Non-Neutral Multi-Tech Wall Switch Sensors

Occupancy Sensor OSFHU Lens Selection

Occupancy Sensor Operation with Lighting Fixtures

Occupancy Sensor Technology Comparison

Occupancy Sensors and Fluorescent Lamp Life

Occupancy Sensors and Vacancy Sensors PIR vs US vs Microphonic Sensing

Occupancy Sensors Utrasonic and Mimio Whiteboard Compatibility

ODC Series Dual Zone Controls

Provolt Room Controller PRC Setup Notes

Renoir 2 Multi-Gang Dimmers and De-ratings

Renoir 2 Multi-Location Dimming

Renoir 2 Terminology

Sapphire How to Import and Export Sapphire Config Files

Sapphire How to Export Sapphire Log Files

Sapphire How to Update Sapphire System Software

Sector Ballast Controller

Sector Operation with Emergency Lighting

SectorFlex vs Dimming Ballasts

Smart Wallbox Sensor Firmware Update P2P Process Process

Zipline LED Retrofit Kits vs. LED Troffer Products 

Z-MAX 30 Amp Relay Jumper Settings

Z-MAX How to Install a EZ-MAX or Z-MAX Relay Card

Z-MAX How to Uninstall an EZ-MAX or Z-MAX Relay Card

Z-MAX How to Update Z-MAX Boot Firmware

Z-MAX Relay Bus Card Power Jumper Settings

Z-MAX USB Driver Install

Z-MAX Wiring a Low Voltage Switch to a Z-MAX Panel



3500 Modbus TCP Installation

BacNET and Metering Relays

BacNet Server for EMH

Building Manager Online (BMO) 3.0 User and Hub Setup

Cable Types and Max Wire Lengths for Current Transformers

Cellular Modem Options for Submetering Energy Monitoring Hubs EMH

Changing Hub Upload Settings

Current Transformer Paralleling

Delivering Energy Usage Data to the Building Owner with Submetering

Electric Metering in Federal Buildings

Measuring Multiple Circuits with One Current Transformer

Modbus to BACnet Gateway Features Submeters Data Acquisition Servers

Post Installation Submeter Testing

Series 4000/4100 Submetering on a 3 Phase 4 Wire Delta Service

Series 6000 Submeter CT Cable Length and Extension

Submeters Minimize Energy Waste Boost Bottom Line